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Desires Unlocked

This 4 module, self-guided experience is designed to help you free your passions and purpose now. Receive exclusive video and audio content weekly from Meghan + worksheets, journaling prompts and messaging access for personal coaching throughout your experience.

Release Your Judgments

What good does your judgment? Is it working for or against you? This program offers you access to 14 recorded live-streams that cover everything from what judgment is to how it keeps us from living fully free and what to do about it.

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The December Thing

Designed to help you kick start a new year & a new you through taking a look into every area of your life, noticing what you notice and creating a powerful action plan to move forward!

Not currently available.

Hello Slow

A 1 Week Experience to immerse yourself into the practice of going slowly. Ready to speed things up as you slow them down? Feeling like you can't get enough done? Feeling like you're always missing out on something? Are you over committed and under resourced? Ready to step into using your time for the greatest good? Ready to experience more fulfillment by simply using time in an aligned form? Always late? Always early? Willing to embrace practicing with time?

Not currently available.

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