Meghan Fife Live...

I’ve been writing and sharing my thoughts online since Xanga. I remember my site was titled, Meant2Be.

Unfortunately, those posts are long gone because Xanga did what it did over time, and I was 11 years old at the time. (Not exactly considering the idea of backing up my posts!)

But the name says enough to give you a glimpse into me…

Meant to Be.

Meant to be what? Well, if I remember correctly, and I do, it wasn’t “meant to be” anything, in particular. It was just, meant to be!

In existence.
Meant to be here.
Meant to be alive.
Meant to be breathing!

The theme holds true throughout my life (though when MySpace came around I quickly started “caring” what others thought — concerning myself with consumption over creation and focusing more on others profiles than my own musings.)

In 2010 I started a blog called Thoughts On the Real Life (which can still be found at, surprisingly.) My last post there was an announcement I had launched a new site: Start Well. Live Well.

Thoughts On the Real Life.
Start Well. Live Well.

I would say that no matter what or where I’ve shared, including on Facebook and Instagram as of late, I’ve always come from a place of sharing what I see as real and true from my own personal experience in living. There is an art to living, and I feel like I was always stuck in the ‘production’ of living. Always looking outward to something more beautiful, more possible, more limitless. And sharing what I saw.

Now, I’ve begun to venture out into the art itself. And it’s everything I thought it was and more. I wouldn’t say it is easy. By and far, it is the hardest venture I’ve taken on to date. But I am so grateful to be doing the work and putting together ways of sharing it with you.

I had some hesitancy naming this site Meghan Fife Live. At first it felt… vain. I mean, I’m no celebrity! I’m… “just me.” (The ‘production’ speaking.)

But see: That’s the whole point. I am ME! I can be no one else. (I have tried, and it does not work.) And being a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being, there is simply to accept that fact and to live from that place of reality.

Thus: Meghan Fife Live

Plus, in a practical sense, if we must, it does serve as a hub for me to share all the things I’m into and up to. (Because “fleeting” is the word I’d use to describe most other social outlets.)

So thanks for being here — whenever you read these words. And welcome to my work. 🧡

Onward for now.

You can't hide it if you wanted to.

Everything is seen. Everything is known. All the things you think you are hiding are already out here, in the energetic field of All That Is.

Reality isn’t something that can be fought or turned off.

Reality is reality.

Whatever you’re thinking or feeling there, alone, inside — the energy imprint has already been stamped into time & space. It is already a thing. You may not be able to see it or pinpoint where it is, but it’s there.

Every thought is already Known.
Every feeling is already Seen.
Every judgment, every criticism is already Existing.

You can’t hide that shit.

So stop trying.

Say what there is to say. Do what there is to do. If you want to hide it so bad, why don’t you bring it out and be with it, so you can take back your power?

You think you’re being powerful by hiding it.
But it’s got its hands all over you. Controlling every move.

Don’t say this. Don’t do that. You might end up…

It’s incredible what a little transparency can do for your POWER. Be willing to look at what is instead of stuffing it away in the closet. The kinds of things you want to hide are the exact things that want to stay hidden! Don’t let that thing win.

You’re in charge here. 😘

Get Ahead by Getting Ahead

It’s Sunday night as I write this, and as has been the case for many Sunday nights of my life, I have a general sense of excitement about the week ahead.

But I know for many that feeling could just as well be overwhelm. An inbox full of emails to address. A client who needs called first thing in the AM. A sick child. A grumpy spouse. A dirty house….

It’s the basics we overlook. It’s the basics we take for granted. It’s the basics we think we don’t need because surely the solution to all our problems and issues is something really complex and difficult.

But it’s the basics we need.

Set time aside to plan. You will always feel behind, stressed and hectic if you are not ahead of what’s happening. And the only way you get ahead is by getting ahead. That doesn’t [necessarily] mean getting ahead in your workload.

It’s about getting ahead in your mind. Getting your mental state, your perspective, ahead of the game, so nothing takes you by surprise or knocks you off track.

What do you need to be with, to vision, to plan, to see, before the week actually begins to unfold, so that you are ahead, directing, leading and orchestrating the whole damn thing?

Why wait?

Most people love to claim they love their lives.

Until they don’t.

They love to flaunt their peace and happiness and romance and stability until things start to fall apart. When they lose a job or a kid gets addicted to drugs or they lose a big client or their stock gets wiped out.

It can be any number of things that show up that then cause people to re-examine their life. Their decisions. Their state of being.

But why wait?

Why wait until things get foggy, messy, miserable?
Why wait until things feel out of control or like it’s time for panic-mode?
Why wait until you feel the stress, the pressure, the anxiety, the darkness?

What if you built a life where things never actually felt foggy, messy or miserable?
What if you built a life where things never felt out of control or like you panic was the only option?
What if you built a life where stress, pressure (the debilitating kind), anxiety and darkness weren’t your go-to states?

Examine your life now.
Be proactive now.
Make decisions now.

Yes, you’ll fail. Yes, you’ll re-consider. Yes, you’ll feel like you go “back to the drawing board.” But who you become as someone who exercises your power of choice, your ability to decide, to execute on your vision will make all of the difference.

Don’t wait to build up the strength of your will when it’s needed most! Do it now, so when what seems more challenging shows up, you handle it like a breeze.

Something your mind could use

Your mind could really use something.

It’s been doing its job. It’s been working away over there. It does this and that. It thinks these thoughts; produces those feelings; holds that opinion.

More than likely it’s been functioning quite well since since the day you were born! I’m not saying you’re always happy with it, but it’s definitely functioning. Picking up all the inputs it receives, organizing and shifting and shuffling them. It’s taken the time to make edits and approve and reject different ideas or experiences. It’s produced an entire experience life for you and will continue to do so. It’s at work 24, 7, no questions asked.

And it could really use something. Something that only you can give it….


It could just use a little direction. A little training. A little…
“Hey, let’s not do it that way, anymore.”
”Let’s try a different way this time.”
”Let’s see if we can find an even better way.”

Your mind serves the purpose it is assigned. But if you haven’t taken the time to assign it, direct it, lead it… it’s just flying by default settings, doing the best it knows how!

A little love, a little training, a little attention, a little directing, and just watch how it responds. 💗

The Blank Page

It’s relentless. This blank page.

I can read and listen to Steven Pressfield talk to me all day about Resistance and how it IS the evil force in the universe.

Forget Satan.
Forget demons.
Forget ghosts and goblins.
Forget in-laws and jealous ex’s.
Forget depression and anxiety.
Forget insecurity and codependency.

Just Resistance is enough to stop us from creating what we know there is to create. Doing what we know there is to do. Being who we know there is to be.

I can know Resistance exists and sometimes that in and of itself keeps me IN IT. Oh yeah — I’m not doing the thing because … Resistance.

Like, it’s some of excuse. Like it’s some kind of reason why I should have an out from creating.


We’re born creators. Well. I was born a creator.

And I think you were too.

But only you can answer that.

So we’re born creators.

And we end up being mere humans who act like we’re predisposed to a certain way of being and living. We set some easy goals here and there. We say we want this or that. But ACTUALLY creating it? Putting in the ACTUAL work? Showing up relentlessly?

That’s another story.

I thought this was supposed to be easy.

You thought wrong.

Don’t get me wrong: It gets to be easy in an upside down, inside out, kind of way.

[You discover it as you go.
[But you must go.]

Which means to get to the easy part, you must get to the creating part. And to get to the creating part, you must get past the Resistance part. And the first part may be acknowledging the Resistance.

And the second part is choosing to beat it.

I’ve made my choice. Have you?

As good as it gets.

This moment is as good as it gets. You will never experience life any better than you do in this very moment.

Feel free to come back and read these words tomorrow. And the next. And the next.

This moment is as good as it gets. You will never experience life any better than you do in this very moment.


What now?

The only question.

Living is not automatic. It may appear as such, but a functioning body does not equate to living. There is oft a lifeless scraping through with the passing, but fading thought: One day, I’ll really be living.

So then the body goes through the motions of life, distracting itself from what it would uncover underneath, if things stilled now.

Real stillness will have us hear what there actually is to hear, see what there actually is to see, and feel what there actually is to feel.

Reality lies in this stillness where we meet ourselves. In the acknowledgment our experience has been chosen. By none other than us! It is here the zero point of decision sits. It is here we meet our will. It is here we make our choice of who and how to be.

"Walk straight ahead, no matter what."

When you have made the choice of where you are going, what you are doing, and who you are…

What else is there to do, really?

It’s amazing the things we come up with…

We sit down.
We run ahead.
We walk back.
We take a turn.
We run away.
We weave in.
We weave out.
We avoid this.
We avoid that.
We go in circles.
We consult the map.
We stop.
We hide.
We wait.
We pontificate.
We question.
We doubt.
We look for signs.

When all there ever was to do was to walk straight ahead.

No matter what.

Live From Where You Are

It's actually the only place you can ever live from. But so many of us try to live or start new endeavors and ventures from places we... aren't. Instead, we try to live from stories we have created instead of reality.

It can feel challenging to start from where you are. You have to be willing to be with what's real instead of with one the stories. The stories could sound like: you should be further along or things should look a different way by now.

But you can relax. Let go of the story.

Notice where you are. 
Accept where you are. 
Then choose to live from that place. 
[Anything else is futile.]

Sometimes you will have started down a particular path, or toward a specific goal, and then you'll look up and notice that it is no longer present for you. That you aren't being with it like you thought you were going to or like you had planned to.

Where did it go? How did you not continue with it?

You don't know exactly...It seemed important at the time you started it. What happened? You had begun! But now...

This is the moment judgment wants to creep in. Judgment tries to make it mean something that you are no longer with the thing.

We end up beating ourselves up and questioning our abilities. When we notice we aren't with it anymore we get all kinds of crazy stories going on!

We formulate stories, so we don't disappoint ourselves again. Or embarrass ourselves.

We formulate stories that indicate we must not be ready or have what it takes, or that what we want isn't important, or that we need to go learn a new skill before we can start again.

And instead of releasing the stories all together and choosing again now, we do one of two things:

We turn the [metaphorical] car off & throw the keys out the window saying "oh well!" (or a few four-letter words.)


We simply try to kick ourselves into gear, demanding more from ourselves, thinking a bit more discipline and effort will surely do the trick.

Let me cut through the bull for you because I've only been around this cycle 1,211 times.

Do yourself a favor and be kind to yourself.
Accept reality without judgment.

The reality is you didn't "stay" with it. Cool! Throwing in the towel OR kicking yourself is not going to do the trick.

Remember: You are the one making it mean something that you didn't stay with it. There's not actual meaning inherent with your choices. That's just what you chose to do. And all your judgments and stories and "shoulds" are keeping you from actually living your life!

Can you release all the "shoulds" that you have?

See...Your life is made up of a series of consecutive "now" moments. The question does not have to be a judgmental, "Why didn't you stick with that?" or even a passive, "Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be."

No, the question can actually just be: What is here for me now? What is real right now? From where I am? In this moment - now? 😉

And am I willing to keep showing up for THIS "now" instead of making the last "now" mean something about me, my worth, my plans, my purpose, or my abilities?

If you are willing to keep playing in this game of life, if you are willing to start where you are and to never give up and never give in, you will be, do and have it all.

But you must keep showing up.

And it may very well feel like all you are ever doing is "beginning."

And that's okay. Because in reality, there are no real beginnings. It is impossible for you to not carry with you all there is to carry with you from the journey you have been on in eternity, now.

The moment you feel like you "begin" is not intended as some grand be-all-end-all of all the moments where in THAT moment what you decide to do there is "it!"

Yes -- the moment is IT, but that's all it is! Nothing more and nothing less.

What is real here is real here, and that's all that is real. What you choose to do here is what you choose to do here, and that's all that you choose. [Sit with it. 😘]

You get to plan and intend and create the future, and then you get to show up to those now moments, there in the future with all the reality and your self fully present. It may not look how you had planned, but that won't matter much because you will be in that moment, being who you are.

When this is the way you live, every moment carries with it a certain new beginning vibe to it. It is THIS that is the fresh start, the limitless possibility, and access to the full power.

As you practice showing up for your now moments, you will begin to experience what feels like momentum. The moments will appear to be lining up succinctly with what you have intended and planned in your previous now moments. And even when they don't look how you thought they would, you see all the perfection and synchronicity because you have fully embraced all your NOWS. 💖

So do yourself a favor: Practice accepting that none of those stories you've made up about why things haven't happened or unfolded or why you haven't done this or that actually matters or means anything in and of itself.

You get to choose what it all means, so you may as well choose an empowering story -- one that doesn't let you miss out on NOW.

If you really look at your life, you know it is not made up of a linear timeline where success is measured this way or that.

But that it actually exists as an Infinite Now moment. Your life is always being lived here, where you are. This is your entire existence. And to beat yourself up for not having "stuck with it" or not being further along or not "having what it takes" is only choosing misery.

You need not suffer.
You need not be miserable.

And you need not stop or throw in the towel!

You get start again. You get to begin again. You get to be here, now. You get to start from exactly where you are and trust in the sheer perfection of it all.

To live is to live now. There is no where else to live from. And there's definitely no where else to start from. You are carrying with you all the wisdom you need. Trust the process, release resistance and show up for your

I have so much love for you each. More than you know. 🥰


Love & Connection or Fear & Separation?

You know that aching feeling when you're parting with a loved one?

Maybe it's a new lover and the both of you are so into each other, but the weekend is over, and it's now time to go back to "reality."

Or one of your young kids is going off to college, thousands of miles away, and you just don't want to let go of them.

Maybe you know your phone conversation is coming to a close with someone you've missed dearly, and don't want the time to come to an end.

It even applies to kids growing up and relationships evolving. "Things aren't the same,=" we think.

It can feel like a real separation from that person. A real "missing."

That ache can feel so intense that it actually feels like it's occurring in some REAL way. The internal pain of this "parting" can feel... physical!

For me, it's often felt like a "tearing" away. Or simply a "removing" of something.

It's as if: I have something now. Connection with this person. In this way. And now that I'm leaving their physical presence, or that things are changing in some three dimensional way, things are going to be different. Like a hole is now left where that connection was.

And it's never felt pleasant. In fact, that feeling felt like a sacrifice of something. That I had to give up what I had and learn to "deal with it" in the new, more separated way.

It's as if we believe that the thing driving the connection between us is something physical. Some real-time interaction or some tangible, predictable way of relating and connecting.

And now that is going away.... something is going to be missing.

But of course, a few minutes go by, or a few hours. Maybe a few days...and things start to feel somewhat "normal" again. You are off living your life, doing what you do, and you get distracted or simply move onto other things.

But when the time comes, as it inevitably does, you think of that person or reminisce on the way it was, and in that moment you feel one of two things:

1. Connection
2. Separation

Connection: You experience an appreciation and love and unity for what you know is real between you and them, regardless of the status of the "bodies" involved.


Separation: You experience a critical attitude, hold a sense of fear that something isn't right and needs to be "fixed" and have an overall sense of disconnection.

→ News Flash!! ←

You actually get to choose which of these you experience at any given time!

So: why would you choose to experience separation when you could experience connection? (I know why, and that's why we're talking about this.)

See... the feeling of separation in those moments is coming from the belief that you are a "body." And that the way connection is established and maintained is through the bodies being connected in some physical, predictable, time & space way.

You know you have those friends you haven't spoken with in 10 years, and you visit their city, meet up for an evening, converse and connect, share love -- just like you hadn't missed a beat!

This is what it possible in all of our relationships and connections. Always. There is no need for that aching feeling of separation -- ever. Not when your kids are growing up or when certain relationships evolve into a different form.

Love knows this. Because love IS connection, pure and simple.

Love loves regardless of physical proximity, "time" spent with the other or the relationship looking any particular way.

Love exists outside of the body and can handle any and all physical shifts and changes because it was never your body that was connected with the other in the first place. It was your mind. Your soul.

A Course In Miracles states: Minds are joined; bodies are not.

✨ It's why having a clear mind is so important! ✨

🔸 A clear mind sees what is real, what is true, and what works for all. 
🔸 A clear mind recognizes that sacrifice is not necessary. 
🔸 A clear mind knows that settling for "this is just the way it is" is not required!
🔸 A clear mind grants you the opportunity to experience unity, harmony and connection, always.

It takes a bit of work to get and keep your mind clear though!

We are so used to letting our minds run wild, and we even know that they're running amuck and follow them anyway! 😜 We let them direct us instead of us directing them.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You can have a clear mind.

You can use your mind to see clearly that you are always connected and fully joined with others, with the world and with life itself. Nothing missing, broken, or lacking. EVER.

The way I work with my mind, to keep it clear, and working for me, instead of against me, is a daily ritual.

There's too much life happening all of the time to try to "set it and forget it."

Every day, we can renew our minds. 
Every day, if we want to experience wholeness & connection & power, we MUST renew our minds!

🔥 This is why I put together 3 days of training on my own, personal, daily mind-renewal practice.

It's happening starting July 5! And it's only $49 through Monday night.

This is the kind of thing that will completely and totally transform your life and give you access to ways of being that you have been craving.

It's all available, you just have to say YES.

Visit…to register.

Because it's only the pre-sale price of $49 right now, the sales page isn't some fancy-schmancy thing. Sign up anyway!

You'll be one of the fast action takers that doesn't give two flying thoughts about whether something LOOKS good because you know it IS good. 💪🏼 💯

You'll have access to the recordings forever and can keep coming back to it as a guide to your new, simple, powerful daily practices that help you live every day in the most real, connected, powerful way possible.

(Or you can wait till the sales page is fancier and pay the higher price. Totally up to you! 😉)

Ready To Play?? 🎮

When I’m really pushing for something, when I’m stepping into new places and spaces and looking to aim higher and really stretch myself into creating something that's only a vision in my mind, it helps me to see the experience as a game.

Creating and achieving in life — whether it’s building better businesses, marriages or bodies — is a game. And it is a game that will be won or lost, depending upon how you set up the rules and agreements.

Maybe you are committed to increasing sales in your business. Easy enough. We sell the number of widgets that match the goal for the month, and we’ve won! But if it doesn’t happen? Yeah. Tally in the "loss."

Maybe you want a “better marriage.” So you create a structure within which to measure that. It’s quite simple, and we do it all the time. If x, y or z happens, then I have won at the better marriage gig. But if it doesn’t…

I know for all you stellar types, this doesn’t sound all too enlightening.

You have your goals in mind. You know what you’d consider a big WIN and anything else less than would be a loss.

For those of you really all-in, the end game is posted around the house and office and on your phone, and you’re constantly telling everyone what you’re going to do and how you’re going to WIN.

This is perfect. And it helps to move the ball forward because these types of games do require you to take steps from “here” to “there” in order to bridge the gap. It’s nice to know what the rules are, what the timeline is, and how you can approach the whole situation in order to give it your best.

But want to know what keeps me SANE when I’m in the middle of those types of games — aiming for the sky, trying to break through ceilings and going all out??

It's remembering that I am actually playing an entirely OTHER game that I DIDN'T set up the rules to.

So, there are TWO types of games in life.

One is voluntary.
The other is involuntary.

One is designed for the purpose of winning (like the things we discussed earlier.)
The other is designed for the purpose of continuing the play.

James Carse would call the first a “finite” game and the second an “infinite” game.

See, as humans, we design the first type of game. We say we want this, that or the other, and we say that this is the structure within which we will play in order to win that.

And then we go play. And sometimes we win. And sometimes we lose.

But when we lose - and we will sometimes, it’s important to remember that there’s a whole other game going on!

In fact, all of the games designed for winning are being played INSIDE of the involuntary game designed with no winners in mind at all -- just designed to keep the play going.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s been absolutely critical to my own sense of continuity and healthy mental states to keep in mind that no matter WHAT happens inside of the finite, voluntary, winner/loser game that I made up for myself (or at least agreed to), I am playing an entirely other game too.

And that game is designed with no end. It is simply meant to continue the play — to keep the players moving.

So go for it!

Put the game together that you play to create and achieve and succeed — and show up! Play and play hard. Do your best to win.

And whether you DO or you DON’T win, remember two things:

1. You get to create a new, finite game anytime you want. Winning and losing isn’t the end of anything, other than that particular game. So start again!


2. You’re playing the infinite game, always. It’s the real game of life that everything else is happening inside of. It’s in this game that there are no winners; there is nothing to prove and nothing to earn. You are literally playing for the mere enjoyment and pleasure of it.

So, let’s play on!

If you want to play better inside both games every day, join in on the training happening next Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- replay will be available if you can't make it live AND price is only $49 through Monday. It will go up after!

On Being

I've always been so obsessed with the immaterial. I think most of us, especially if we're lucky enough to be reading this post on a computer or phone, we're born into an environment that supported our most basic needs for survival.

Sure, maybe you didn't enjoy it to the max. Maybe it wasn't the best possible scenario. Maybe it wasn't easy, but... you made it!

At least, I think you're alive...Right? (hello? hello? 😉 )

When our needs for survival are being met (and that doesn't take much), we have a freedom to dream, imagine, question and be curious.

So there I was, as a kid, totally consumed with thoughts of possibility. Letting my imagination roam.

I imagined I owned a surfshop on the beach. I took the time to draw the whole thing out in colorful chalk on the driveway.

I imagined I was the head coach of a WNBA team. Not a member, but the coach! I'd map out drills to practice and then pass the ball to myself, as I played each player. But in my mind, I always knew I was the coach, and my favorite part? Giving the inspirational speeches before the game, at the half and after a win or a loss. (We were going to the championship. Had to stay the course.)

For whatever reason, I never had a hard time "seeing" these kinds of things. All the details were pretty clear to me -- so clear I could act out the whole thing on the spot.

But there's one memory I have that was different.

It felt less like "imagination" and more like desire.

You know the difference -- with a clear imagination, it's almost as if you can feel, sense, hear, smell things. You really begin to step into the experience, even just in your mind.

But this memory wasn't that. It felt like a desire -- like something I wanted, but I had no idea how I would do it.

It felt more... out of reach.

I wanted to fly.

[Not like a bird. Like a plane. 🛫 IN a plane.]

I wanted to fly in a plane.

Flying on a plane felt more out of reach to me than being the head coach of a WNBA team.


I'd lay there, on the trampoline in my backyard, looking up at the clouds and sky, and I'd watch these commercial airliner jets soooo far up in the sky, you could barely see them.

I questioned where they were coming from and where they were going. I tried to visualize the faces on the plane, and what they were doing.

And most of all, I was always curious WHY they were on that plane.

What in the world could they be up to that they needed to be on a plane going 500mph? Surely, it had to be an emergency. Otherwise, they would take their cars, right?

I thought often: Surely they're going to see someone, for the last time, who is dying. Or maybe they're already on their way to the funeral. I bet there's a lot of sad people on that plane...


Hear me out: I was probably 8 years old, okay?

I wanted to be up there, but for the life of me, I couldn't get my imagination to create a movie of me living that life.

It was more of a static vision. An "out there" desire. I want to be on a plane. I want to go somewhere. And I DON'T want it to be because someone is dying. I want to go somewhere for the JOY of it.

I didn't have many of the other details sorted out. I obviously had a lot of underlying beliefs about why someone would be on a plane instead of just casually driving to their destination.

But even with those beliefs, I knew what I wanted. And I was okay laying there with that longing on the trampoline, hour after hour. No colorful chalk. No mapped out drills. Just my thoughts and I, doing my best to sort out how I could REALLY make it happen.


See, it's actually easier to carry this "far out" vision of the future. It's so far out, it really does feel like a dream. It's a lovely dream to carry with us, and when we're feeling kinda down in the weeds with things, those visions give us a little "umph" to keep going.

We tell ourselves...

"One day I KNOW I'll have the life. I can see it, smell it, taste it. I just have to keep going. For now, I can imagine it. One day I'll have it."

That's easy.

Any of us can do that. All of us do it!

"One day, I'll have the life."

One day...

We're built with that kind of imagination inside of us. But it's just the basics.

When we hit on something REAL, it starts to get uncomfortable. We actually know what we WANT to see, but we're having a hard time seeing it.

Like me wanting to be on the plane.

It's easier to just keep some far out, imaginary picture of what life "could" be like "one day" vs. holding a vision of what life "would" be like "now" if I were actually that person, doing that thing.

When you can see something you want, but you can't see YOURSELF in it yet, this is where the gold is!

(It's also where all the work is! 😉)

You really get to thinking about the reality of it. What steps would I need to take? And beyond: WHO is the person that would take those steps??

And this is where it all begins. Because, as lovely as our imaginations are, as lovely as having a vision of what the future could be one day, life isn't happening out there, somewhere in the distant future where everything is easy and perfect. Where you have "earned your right" to "the life."

No, life is always happening right here, right now. As you are being. And you will carry around the human being you, with you, until you die. All your dreams and visions and imaginations will only be realized in human form. Where there is actual life to live and things to be with.

It's lovely to consider and imagine the immaterial possibilities. To almost fantasize about "the life."

It's a whole other to choose into the material actualities and do the hard work of placing your real, human self, there, in the middle of "the life" day in and day out.

I did that hard work around the plane life, and 8 years later, at age 16, I was on my first plane ride, going 7,446 miles from Dallas, TX to Auckland, New Zealand. (What? Did you think I was just going to fly from OKC to Phoenix or something?)

That actual, human experience beat my imagination of coaching a WNBA team by a million as it opened up more and more actual vision for me.

YOU are the only one who can choose to give yourself the chance to stop fantasizing, living only in your immaterial imagination, and instead choose to show up for the real work.

The real work of BEING.


The invitation is to do the work.

Though we are so much more than mere mortals living in time and space, we ARE mortals living in time and space.

And one day, our TIME will run out.

Time is ultimately the only finite resource we have.

So, my private clients? They are people who are all-in on the work of BEING. They relentlessly invest into a space with their time, money, energy and attention, to be coached and held accountable to the work at ridiculously high levels.

And you don't have to be a private client of mine to go in on the work for start your training!

Come join a private livestream I'm holding this Thursday at 8pm CDT.

You must register to get access!

You must say "yes" to get into this space.

BTW: Saying "yes" IS the work....there's no sitting back and crossing your fingers, hoping that things change or that your dreams just "somehow" come true. Or that "one day" comes where you're finally living "the life." Nope.

If I haven't made it clear: THE LIFE is happening RIGHT NOW. And you hold the keys.

Here's where you start the work:

See you inside.

Way Too Good At Faking It

→ I'm Way Too Good At Faking It! ←

Something I FAILED to share in the Letting Go & Letting In podcast series was how I totally faked it and lied in my last relationship. 🙄 It's true.

I wanted something, and I lied about it. For years.

What did I want??

I wanted a relationship where I was free to be attracted to, intimate with, and even be in relationship with, other people! All while still being in relationship with my wife.

*The Horror!*

But. She didn't want that.

So I got a divorce.

Here's how I faked it:
I KNEW she didn't want that! We had talked about it before. I mean, it had been years, but we'd definitely spoken of it.

And I starting faking it a long time ago by acting as though this part of me that wanted free love for all was something I could just disappear and act like I didn't want anymore.

She was clear me with me early on in our relationship that wasn't her thing. She wanted to be in a relationship with one person who was fully, and only, in relationship back with her.

And when I heard that, I pulled back -- not from her. From myself! I shrunk. I hid. Here was someone I loved and wanted to be with. Sure, I wanted the freedom to love and be in relationship with others, but if that was going to cause me to lose THIS relationship, THIS safety, THIS comfort... it wasn't worth it.

So I faked it. And for 6 years I was pretty damn good at faking it. I faked it so well I fooled myself.

It didn't take long, but over time, I forgot about my desire all together!

It got hid away in some dark recess as dreams do, when you don't give them the attention they ask. (It came up sometimes when I would drink, and I'd try to communicate what I wanted again, but you can imagine how that went. Talk about REAL horror.)

It just doesn't take a lot to fool yourself.

You want something. But you're also scared that if you go after it, you'll lose something important to you. Or worse: You'll lose someone you love. And that you'll be lost without it, without them. You'll be groundless...floating...disconnected...and separate.

So you lie. You convince yourself that what is here in front of you is what you want and need, and it's best to curb your desires to match what is available instead of pressing forward into uncharted territory.

We do it all. the. time. We do it with jobs and relationships. We do it around our health and our money. We do it with the way we spend our time and how we show up to our life.

We settle.

"This looks good" we say.
"Good enough!"
"Maybe next time."

I had settled so many times in my life, it seemed like the natural thing to do. Honestly, I DID NOT even think twice about it.

What I didn't know then, that I know now, is that that "settling" is lying.
"Settling" is faking it.
"Settling" is living inauthentic, dishonest and out of integrity.

We tend to think of lying as something that only happens when someone else is involved. Or when we do it with blatant disregard and an intention to deceive.

But lying always starts with you lying to you. And we always first do it in an effort to "stay safe."

There's a good chance you're lying to yourself right now, and you don't even know it. Society, and the environments we find ourselves in, make it very easy for us to create false facades.

But staying in integrity with one's self requires a relentless commitment to honesty and the internal work of "being." There is no more evident of a place than in our relationships that the absolute need for this work shows up.

The only reason we ever feel separate from others or from our goals, the only reason we ever feel a since of disconnection, suffering or misery, is because at some core level, we are out of alignment with our selves, with our truth.

Our actions, behaviors and words are not matching up to what is real and authentic for us, and we know it.

It creates all this inner struggle and heartache because deep down, we know what is right. We know how there really is for us to be. We know what there really is for us to do.

But we spend our time and life, instead, trying to dismiss what is real. We distract ourselves with this or that. We try to attach ourselves to something outside of us -- some acceptance, some love, some approval, some applause, some 'go-ahead' -- and while doing so, we lose ourselves in the process.

This is the work I didn't do in my marriage.

I didn't stay in integrity. I was too scared. I was afraid I'd lose something good. Afraid I'd lose someone I loved.

I'm not proud I lied, faked it, fooled myself, and held my own feelings of safety and security in higher regard than honesty, integrity and love.

But I am proud I didn't keep lying.
I am proud I decided to do the challenging work of being fully me, always.
I am proud I was willing to face the fears I had of being misunderstood, rejected or "not loved."
I am proud I made the difficult decision to be honest and do what there was to do by stepping into the reality of love on a whole other level.

Because here's the thing: 
It is always safe to live out what you know is true for you. 
It is always safe to follow the love that you are. 
It is always safe to say what you want and allow others to say what they want. 
When love is present, no harm can be done.

And love is always present if you'll allow it to be.

We don't need to cling onto things or people to feel safe. We don't need rules and laws to protect us. We don't need to hide our real selves to be accepted and loved.

That "world" of safety is an illusion, a dream, a figment. The moment it feels so real, like something you can trust, you go to grasp it and *poof* -- it's gone. Nothing of substance there. Nothing to count on. It's fleeting, like the wind.

But there is something you can always count on. There is something real. Something you can trust. Something that doesn't waiver or become fickle with time. It's the only truth. The only reality there is.

That reality is love.

It's a radical, real love that actually looks quite different than the "external love" our world so often equates to it.

This reality of love always works.
For everyone. In every situation.

Love is what opens the doors to the most outstanding, amazing, abundant, peaceful life possible.

And the real kicker?



This Love that you are is the reason everything you could ever want in life is actually already yours! The only thing required? Living in integrity with yourself! Your standards. Your life. Your truth. All directly from the love that you are.

Join me THURSDAY NIGHT at 8pm CST for a registration only, FREE, 1 hour livestream event to STOP SETTLING & kick start your next level "being" -- a more radical, honest YOU!

No more lying, faking or hiding.

And DEFINITELY no more settling! The world doesn't need you settling or playing small! Now is NOT the time for that!

The world needs YOU being YOU! The greatest, highest expression of the Love that you are. There's no greater gift you could give!

So: You DO get to have it all! 😘

Register now:

Perfect! Now You're Done.

“I think I’m done now.”

These words came to me as I laid curled up in a tiny ball on my bed, under the covers, in the middle of bright, beautiful summer day.

With so many things to look around and be grateful for. With so many of life’s pleasures and joys surrounding me. With so many things to appreciate and soak in and love….

There I was.

Shades drawn. Lights off. Under the covers.

In as tiny of a ball as I could get.

Basically, my whole body on top of the pillow I was hugging tightly.

“I think I’m done now.”

I say it out loud, to the empty, darkening room since the clouds have chosen to cover up the sun outside, and the sun is even starting to set.

At this point, I’m having a conversation with myself.

What are you done with, exactly?

I’m done trying.
I’m done working.
I’m done trying to “find” me, “be” me, blah blah blah.
I’m just done!

Good. I’m so glad you’re done.

What?? No. I’m saying I’m done! Like, legit. DONE. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not trying to “live my best life” anymore. I’m not trying to “change the world” anymore. I’m not trying to be more peace and love and hope and joy and all of that f’ng BULL SHIT. It’s all bull shit. It’s not worth it. And I’m done.

I love you.

Can’t you hear me! I’m basically saying I’m done living. This is ridiculous and hard and stupid and not worth it.

I’ve been telling you that it isn’t worth it. That there’s nothing to try for, or earn.


The striving. It’s pointless. It’s okay to let go now.

Let go? Where will I go? Just let go? Just go off into the oblivion? Off into consciousness itself? Off the planet? What are you even saying?

I said “let” go. Not go. Let go. You don’t need to go anywhere. You can stay right there, on that pillow, if you’d like. Or you can get up and walk around. Or you can sing a song or dance or cry or call a friend or, you can do whatever you want to. But there’s no where to go to and everything to let go of.

But won’t that mean I failed? That I fell? If I let go… isn’t that throwing in the towel on everything I’ve worked so hard for? Won’t I lose any ground I’ve gained on my way toward my dreams?

My dear. You haven’t worked for anything. It’s been yours all along, and it will be yours all along. I love you. Now… let go.

…. [silence]. Okay.

And off I went to enjoy my day. 💃

— — — — —

You know the voice. 🤪 It says all kinds of things, all. day. long!

It builds you up when you do something amazing. 🙌🏼
Then tears you down when it looks like you failed. 😩

It attaches meaning to just about everything that happens.
From why you dropped the plate and shattered it this morning to why your kids are being completely and totally unruly today to why your spouse is being short with you.

It tells you, “I’ve finally got it all together!” And then comes in with, “You idiot. You don’t know a thing!”

It’s really quite humorous when you start to pay attention to it. 🧐

It always has something to say.

And it’s always changing its tone.

There are no situations or circumstances that can put that voice in its place because its whole job is to interpret things.

It doesn’t interpret them accurately or correctly, of course.
It just interprets them however it sees fit in that moment.

The only voice that can put that voice in its proper place is You.

See, that chatter voice isn’t you.

You could call it your ego, perhaps.

It’s the part of you that tries to create an identity for itself.

But it’s so fickle, and it leaves you feeling fickle! And when you choose to believe that voice is YOU, no wonder you have a general distrust for yourself!

Why would you trust that thing and its changing opinions all of the time??

But You!

You aren’t that voice.

You are the one who can hear that voice.

And You!

When you observe that voice — instead of trying to “kill it” or “stop it” or “beat it into submission” — and instead you love it. You treat it like you would treat a child who just doesn’t know any better. You extend out infinite patience and kindness to it…

When you love that chattery voice you observe from afar…

You change the whole world you experience.

You experience peace…now.

No more waiting. No more earning. No more trying. You get to be “done” looking for whatever it was you were looking for.

Because it’s actually just here, right now.

And that chatter voice, that ego of yours, though it lacks the ability to comprehend the eternity and love that You are… it can be quieted and calmed.

Only by You.

So next time you’re feeling inner conflict, step back. Listen to what the chattering voice is saying. And speak the truth that only You can speak to it. ✨

Then go off and enjoy your day. 😍

→ Episode 9 of my latest podcast series, Letting Go & Letting In, gives another example of this. It's out now wherever you like to listen to your daily audio! 🎙

Practicing What I Preached

Practice what you preach.
Practice what you preach.
Practice what you preach.

It was like these words wouldn't leave me alone. They echoed through my heart and head and mind. Sometimes I felt like I could even hear them out loud.

I knew things.

I could sense things.

I knew that things weren't exactly right.

That they were good. Fine. Lovely, even! I was focused on "growth." I had things going.

Good relationship. Good job. Good people. Good money.

But I knew it wasn't right.

Not right as in - right or wrong. But right as in RIGHT.

Right as in: The way that it would need to look and be, if I were really living right and true to me.

This is worth repeating:
I KNEW that my life was not the way that it would be if I were REALLY living true to me.

If I wasn't going to be who I was, if I wasn't going to get out of my own freaking way, if I wasn't going to ACTUALLY step up... I was going to look back and know I missed out. Missed out on living. Missed out on time. Missed out on going all in. Missed out on doing the damn thing that I knew there was for me to do.

It was one thing to talk about my dreams.

It was one thing to kinda, sorta, dabble, in a way that made "sense" -- you know, in a common place way. In a way that showed just enough action that I was still "in" on my dreams but always in some kind of elusive, out-there fashion. Getting kinda, sorta, closer, a little bit. Here. There. Just enough to whet my appetite for the whole thing.

You know, trick myself into believing I was REALLY GOING FOR IT.

But deep down I knew. [You always know.]

I knew I wasn't really going for it. I knew if I was, my life would look in the MOMENT exactly how I wanted it to.

But instead I was sitting around half-assing my way around my life, claiming that I was just "putting in the time" for me to finally "earn the reward" of whatever dream was out there for me to live. One day. If I did it all just perfectly enough.

And quite frankly: I couldn't stand the thought.

Because what I PREACHED was that you could actually LIVE out your big dreams!
What I PREACHED was that you could aim high, go big, live large.
What I PREACHED was that your work could be your mission.
What I PREACHED was that you didn't have to wait another day in your life to be who you really are.
What I PREACHED was you could be, do and have it all and that your life didn't need to feel separated into neat little categories.

But there I was: Out of touch with my own reality. Out of touch with my own message.

And it was just time. Time for me to stop trying to hide behind things. Stop trying to pick up a new, relatively easy, project or goal to keep me preoccupied. It was time to stop looking for answers and solutions and easy outs.

What it was really time for me to do was to stop trying to make everything and everyone else work for ME. And for me to put in my own damn work!

I had to stop believing that if I could just line up all the dominoes "just so" in my life then - eventually! - I could sit back and watch my ideal life unfold.

I had to stop believing that the way my goals and dreams would be actualized was by getting everything and everyone around me to conform to me.

And I had to start living out the one message I preached the loudest:

You are in control of your own life.

In every situation.

So I committed. I committed to doing the work of living out that message. I didn't have the slightest clue what it would take, but I was willing.

I wasn't going to sit around another day or another week or another year and say I wanted this, that, or the other and not actually SHOW UP for MYSELF and do exactly what there was to do everyday to move, relentlessly, in the direction of my dreams.

I had no idea at the time what I would end up asking of myself.

[But when you commit, your soul will lead. As is said: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.]

First, it said: Leave the real estate gig. You know, the successful business you've been working on for 5 years. Just, let that go.

Then it said: Leave the marriage. You know, the one you have been in for 6 years. The one that millions of people have paved the path for your right to even be able to do (marry a woman.) Just, let that go.

Followed by: Leave your hometown. You know, the one filled with familiar faces and familiar places. The one that feels comfortable and safe. Just, let that go.

And there was more. [I’ll share more.] So many things to let go of. But I listened. I listened to all of it. I threw a fit sometimes (okay, a lot of the time,) but I listened.

It's one thing when you set goals you know you will reach, and it feels like everyone is cheering you on.

It's an entirely other thing when you start to see something no one else sees. And you start to look at the only one who can draw that vision into reality: the one in the mirror.

Talk about really living!
Talk about the adventure of a lifetime!
Talk about being and doing and having NOW instead of waiting or wishing for another day.

It's all yours, baby.

I share unfiltered, uncut, audio, straight from the heart of this place in the new podcast series I put out, Letting Go & Letting In -- available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and all the other places podcasts are available.

(Oh, just wait for all the things I DIDN'T share in the podcast. It gets better.)

How Long It Takes

You have 100% say in how “long it takes.”

Think of how many times you’ve come around to the same mental conversation over and over.

Think of how many times you’ve come up with new reasons “now” isn’t the right time.

Think of all the ways you’ve chosen something slightly more comfortable, easier and let’s just say: less honestly revealing and declared it “good enough.”

That’s fine. You can do that. You can call it good enough. You can come up with another reason why now isn’t the time to do it. You can hold the same old boring conversations in your mind, over and over.

But just know, this is why it’s taking so long.

Your frustration with the process is actually just your frustration with yourself. You haven’t even got the process started yet!

The process isn’t frustrating or irritating. 
Your resistance to it is.

The process only begins as soon as you say, “yes.”

And remember!…. That YES must keep resonating over and over over throughout the moments of your life. It will not work to simply say “yes” in one moment and hope it sticks.

You’ve had a lot of chatter, a lot of reasons why you can’t, a lot of now-isn’t-the-time — and all of those were “no’s.”

No. Not right now.
No. Not yet.
No. Only after I…

So you are pretty conditioned to be with the no.

And now it’s time to condition yourself to be with the yes.

You have 100% say in “how long it takes.”

And I’ll tell you just how long that is…

It’s long enough for you to say the word, “Yes.”

The Real Work!

You must do the work.

Whatever you think about how all of this goes — whatever you feel about what it takes to create the life of your dreams….

Ultimately, none of it. even. matters.

You heard me.

Your thoughts and feelings about what it takes for you to live THE life you have always wanted to live, in this life time, have no actual bearing on what it takes for you to do so.

It only feels like they do because they are the things that stop you in your tracks every time.

You’ve convinced yourself they really matter!

You wake up with them, get ready with them, get in the car with them, go on the appointments with them, come home with them, shower with them, go to sleep with them….

Your thoughts & feelings have become this inner voice you carry along with you — even though you get vehemently frustrated with it, you continue to agree with it. You continue to believe it.

You’ve convinced yourself that your thoughts and feelings actually have something to do with whether or not you are going to do the thing or not.

My friends! Your thoughts & feelings have ZERO to do with what it takes for you to live the full-on, most-expressed, radical, beautiful, happy, joyous, successful, healthy, wealthy (YES) life you so want to live.

Let me tell you what does have something to do with it:

You must do the work.

[ You only think I’m talking about showing up to the to-do list regardless of your thoughts and feelings. 😜 No. I mean, you may need to do that, too, but that’s not the work. If that was the work, our entire world would be living happy, successful, achieving, abundant, greater-than-ever lives! ]

You must do the work of being yourself.

You must do the internal work of defining yourself.

You must do the actual, real, challenging work that so many other people choose to sweep under the rug time and time again.

(Their life ebbs and flows in whatever way their conditions afford…having no real access to abundance because they are waiting. Waiting for situations to change or become easier. Waiting for the stars to align. Waiting for a sign.)

You must do the work on yourself, with yourself, for yourself. In every situation, condition and environment you find yourself.

You must do the work of telling that inner voice of your thoughts & feelings that you no longer wish to take its advice, and that you will be running the show from now on.

You must do the work of expressing yourself. Your true self. Your highest self. Your perfect self.

There is nothing easy about this work when you've lived an entire life believing your thoughts and feelings meant something about you.

There's nothing easy about it when you are surrounded by a world that presents its insta-feel-good hits for you, but that leave you still hungry.

If you want "the life!" - You must do the work.

It is the work of YOU defining YOU. It is the work of choosing to wait no longer for your little inner voice to give you permission or approval and instead, to start now.


--> If you want to "change the world" you must change YOUR world. 🌎 ✨<--

Get your pre-order access to the book, Life by Choice, & private, exclusive FB group coaching by ordering now at

A Simple Reminder

A Simple Reminder.

Stop. Check in with yourself.

Literally, check in with your body.

How are you breathing?
How’s your chest feeling? 
Your shoulders? 
Your neck and upper back? 
What about your upper arms?

Are you relaxed? At ease? Are you feeling melted into the space around you? Could you even feel any better right now?? 😜

Pay attention to your breathing.

Is it full? Deep? Complete? 
Or light, shallow and unsatisfactory?

Take your conscious awareness to your chest.

Is your heart racing even though you haven’t done any cardio?
Is there a low-grade anxiety in there with you? 
Maybe a feeling of incompleteness? 
A feeling of not-enoughness? 
Something missing, perhaps?

Or are you present? At peace? In the highest state of gratitude? (You can literally FEEL these things in your body.)

Focus on your thoughts for a moment.

Are they racing? Perhaps you're thinking... I've got to get to this! Got to be with that. Can’t forget... What will they think? or How am I going to be able to…

You get to choose where your attention, awareness and focus is.

It's a pretty good place to start with paying attention to your own body.

→ See, what happens is, certain things take care of themselves: Like breathing, for example.

Your brain and lungs work together to make sure you stay alive. You don't "have" to do a thing. (You never do.)

But there's something you could do that could make a really big difference.

You could actually *choose* HOW you breathe. 🤯

You aren’t stuck with the way you breathe. Your body is very nice to keep you alive with the communication signals and the organs and the cadence, and all of that.

But staying alive isn’t really the goal here.

[Regardless of your age, I think we can agree, if you’re reading this, you’ve got that down.]

For right now, let's keep it simple...

Are you willing to breathe on purpose? Will you take the time (since you're taking the time to read this) to actually give yourself a gift? You get to choose.

You first must become aware of how you are breathing now.

Just observe. Make a note.

Now that you’re paying attention… go deeper.

Try it out.

Breathe more deeply. Feel more deeply. It will take a few breaths. It may even take a few minutes.

It’s worth it, I promise.

Breathe in, to the very bottom of your chest. Through your nose. In fact, breathe with your belly. Breathe in with your nose and let your stomach push out. Get the air all the way down there.

Practice. Take 3 breaths this way at first.

Or maybe you can take 10 breaths this way.

Maybe you can go for 30 seconds or 10 minutes.

But start. Don't go look for a youtube video. Just do it now. [I believe in you.]

What you'll find is as you inhale the space outside of you, it becomes the space inside of you.

And as you exhale the space inside of you, it becomes one with the space outside of you.

Are you willing to choose to breathe? To choose to step outside of what is survival and into something much more abundant and satisfying?

You have access to it. 💗

We’re often looking for really complex solutions to what feel like really complex problems.

Maybe there really is no problem at all, you just needed to remember to breathe.


We All Wake Up Human

Listen up.

I have 2 messages to share around this 26.2 miles I’m running on Sunday morning.

This is the first one:

You can have whatever you choose.

However hard, impossible or out of reach it may seem.

“Do you want it or not?” is really just a cop out question for, “Do you choose it or not?”

Stop shorting yourself through excuses and blaming circumstances, situations or other people.

You have complete control over your life.

You are the captain of your ship.

There is zero room for complaining when you are the one calling all the shots. Your circumstances have zero, zilch, nada effect on your shot-calling.

Sunday morning I’ll wake up at 4:30 and go meet over 2,000 other people running 26.2 miles.

And there will be over 25,000 people showing up in some way. Half marathon runners. 5k runners. Relay race participants. Thousands of volunteers.

That’s a lot of people DOING something.

And you know what? They all chose to.

And you’ll be choosing to do whatever you’re doing on Sunday morning.

And it’s all perfect.

I’m not saying you need to be running or volunteering.

I’m just saying we all make choices.

And we all live into the choices we make.

No questions asked. No room for error. No accidents. No mistakes.

You make the choice.
Then the choice makes you.

And there you are: Living into the choice you have made.

Every single time.

What are you choosing?

It’s easy to look at people who are doing something and think...

“They’re different than me. They are naturally able to ____.”


“They had an advantage. They don’t have to deal with ___.”

Or even,

“That’s just a show. They can’t really be that ___.”


Okay, I don’t always put on shoes. But you know what I’m saying.

We all wake up HUMAN.

We all wake up in a bit of a fog while our consciousness re-acquaints itself to this reality we find ourselves in.

And whether it’s a fleeting moment, 30 minutes at the start of the day, or you live that way 24/7, we can be in this space of inquiry that actually sounds a lot like...

“Wait. Do I have to? Must I CHOOSE what to do next? Can’t someone else do this for me? Anyone?? Please??”

We all have experienced this. 
We all experience this.

And the answer is yes, you must choose.
And no, no one else can do it for you.

There’s nothing wrong with the questioning, by the way.

Question away!

Just know that the answer is the same every time and the longer you stay in the question, the more of your life you waste and let slip by you.

The answer is always the same.

This is your life. And you must choose how you want it to be.

The choices never stop coming at you, either. It’s relentless...this life, demanding you choose.

For me, the past 4 months have contained the most challenging choices of my life. So many times I Just. Wanted. To. Cave.

And when I say cave, I mean fold. Give up. Throw in that towel. But you know what? That would have been a choice too.

It’s all choice.

There were countless cold, windy, wet 7am long runs I didn’t want to get out of bed for and did anyway.

There were so many times I ran my 3, 5 or 7 miles around the pond in my neighborhood at 9, 10, or 11 at night because I said it was happening “today.”

There were a couple runs there I felt like I was carrying an extra 100 pound weight with me that was my heart, and I took that thing right along with me.

But let me tell you what PRACTICE does...
What TRAINING can do...
What TRYING will open up for you...

The whole freaking world.

You sitting around thinking one day it may all just magically come together and you won’t have to put in the practice. The work. The trying.

Stop lying to yourself.

I did not miss a training run. Not one.

I CHOSE Each. And. Every. One.

As a result...Running 20 miles is a gimme now. Sunday I’ll run 26.2 for the first time and have that full experience with all my fellow bad-asses.

But beyond all of that, my friends, what I’ve really been doing is this...

Exercising my power of CHOICE.

And THAT is making it ALL feel like a gimme.

Line ‘em up. 
Look at your options.

You can have whatever you choose.


Tips for Getting Started Running

01 : Start today

02 : Be willing to jog a bit, then walk a bit, if you need to

03 : Be honest w/ yourself about feelings of discomfort vs. sensations of real pain

04 : Find a partner or coach — someone! — you can share your journey with