The Real Work!

You must do the work.

Whatever you think about how all of this goes — whatever you feel about what it takes to create the life of your dreams….

Ultimately, none of it. even. matters.

You heard me.

Your thoughts and feelings about what it takes for you to live THE life you have always wanted to live, in this life time, have no actual bearing on what it takes for you to do so.

It only feels like they do because they are the things that stop you in your tracks every time.

You’ve convinced yourself they really matter!

You wake up with them, get ready with them, get in the car with them, go on the appointments with them, come home with them, shower with them, go to sleep with them….

Your thoughts & feelings have become this inner voice you carry along with you — even though you get vehemently frustrated with it, you continue to agree with it. You continue to believe it.

You’ve convinced yourself that your thoughts and feelings actually have something to do with whether or not you are going to do the thing or not.

My friends! Your thoughts & feelings have ZERO to do with what it takes for you to live the full-on, most-expressed, radical, beautiful, happy, joyous, successful, healthy, wealthy (YES) life you so want to live.

Let me tell you what does have something to do with it:

You must do the work.

[ You only think I’m talking about showing up to the to-do list regardless of your thoughts and feelings. 😜 No. I mean, you may need to do that, too, but that’s not the work. If that was the work, our entire world would be living happy, successful, achieving, abundant, greater-than-ever lives! ]

You must do the work of being yourself.

You must do the internal work of defining yourself.

You must do the actual, real, challenging work that so many other people choose to sweep under the rug time and time again.

(Their life ebbs and flows in whatever way their conditions afford…having no real access to abundance because they are waiting. Waiting for situations to change or become easier. Waiting for the stars to align. Waiting for a sign.)

You must do the work on yourself, with yourself, for yourself. In every situation, condition and environment you find yourself.

You must do the work of telling that inner voice of your thoughts & feelings that you no longer wish to take its advice, and that you will be running the show from now on.

You must do the work of expressing yourself. Your true self. Your highest self. Your perfect self.

There is nothing easy about this work when you've lived an entire life believing your thoughts and feelings meant something about you.

There's nothing easy about it when you are surrounded by a world that presents its insta-feel-good hits for you, but that leave you still hungry.

If you want "the life!" - You must do the work.

It is the work of YOU defining YOU. It is the work of choosing to wait no longer for your little inner voice to give you permission or approval and instead, to start now.


--> If you want to "change the world" you must change YOUR world. 🌎 ✨<--

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