The Blank Page

It’s relentless. This blank page.

I can read and listen to Steven Pressfield talk to me all day about Resistance and how it IS the evil force in the universe.

Forget Satan.
Forget demons.
Forget ghosts and goblins.
Forget in-laws and jealous ex’s.
Forget depression and anxiety.
Forget insecurity and codependency.

Just Resistance is enough to stop us from creating what we know there is to create. Doing what we know there is to do. Being who we know there is to be.

I can know Resistance exists and sometimes that in and of itself keeps me IN IT. Oh yeah — I’m not doing the thing because … Resistance.

Like, it’s some of excuse. Like it’s some kind of reason why I should have an out from creating.


We’re born creators. Well. I was born a creator.

And I think you were too.

But only you can answer that.

So we’re born creators.

And we end up being mere humans who act like we’re predisposed to a certain way of being and living. We set some easy goals here and there. We say we want this or that. But ACTUALLY creating it? Putting in the ACTUAL work? Showing up relentlessly?

That’s another story.

I thought this was supposed to be easy.

You thought wrong.

Don’t get me wrong: It gets to be easy in an upside down, inside out, kind of way.

[You discover it as you go.
[But you must go.]

Which means to get to the easy part, you must get to the creating part. And to get to the creating part, you must get past the Resistance part. And the first part may be acknowledging the Resistance.

And the second part is choosing to beat it.

I’ve made my choice. Have you?