Leading by Letting Go

The way to go to the next level as a leader, as a human committed to creating positive change, is to give up.

The way to rise is to let go.
The way to see increase is to surrender.

You may be a limitless, ever-expanding being, but must I remind you (I know I must...) that you do live within a human body, in time. And that, my friends, is limited in its own right.

Your body will die. 
Time will run out.

There is only so much you can be with. Truly.

The answer is not "more." The answer is "different."

You do not rise until you let go of what was working, in order to let in something that will work even better.

You do not see increase until you surrender what feels comfortable and satisfying, to allow in and make space for, the higher state of abundance.

You do not go to the next level until you give up the one that’s is working perfectly well right now.

What’s working right now is working right now. And that is beautiful and fine and good.

But for those of us with vision, for those of us who are not interested in maintaining the status quo, for those of us interested in leading others, and the world, into a truly better experience of life… we must be willing to let go.

To make space.

To trust that the things we’ve “earned” or “created” or “done” or “implemented” so far were wonderful. And they got us here.

But they will not be the things that take us there. ("More" of the same is never the answer.)

This isn't for everyone. Surrendering, over and over, what is currently working, to open up space for the different, the new, the higher, is not the call of every heart.

But it is the call, and the absolute requirement, of those who are paving the path, leading the way and inviting people into a better future.

I’ve worked diligently in many ways to build habits, routines, structures and systems that work. Many times over in my life, for myself and for others, I have said, “This is the new thing we’re doing. Let’s do it.”

That’s the job of a leader. A leader says, “Let’s go… there.”

But with this M.O., with this deep commitment to exploration of the unknown for the benefit of humanity, and to never staying in one place for too long, at the core of the pioneer's heart, there comes right along with it a requirement to give up. To let go. To sacrifice the old.

Most often not knowing what will take its place, but willing to go in search and report back, for the others.

If that's you, may these be your words:
I'll go first. 
I’ll let go first. 
I’ll surrender first.
I’ll give up first. 
I’ll take the risk…first.