Starting In On Your New Idea

I talk a lot about “starting" because that’s the first step.

To get a new idea, a new venture, a new creation, a new possibility, into motion, there is a “start.”

Thinking about it isn’t starting.
Rolling it over and over in your mind isn’t starting.

In fact, many times your IDEA — so full of life and energy, as it came from a higher place than you, downloaded into your system, ready for action— sometimes that idea gets beaten down by your thinking brain!

It may sound something like this:

Alright, let’s get to work!

If I’m just able to _____.
And then if that happens, I can ____.
One thing I’ll need to look out for is _____.
Oh, but what if _____?
And ____ won’t like this.
I’ll need to _____ first.

On and on your thinking goes, turning over your new idea this way and that way. It thinks of possibility, but also thinks of hedging. It ponders the sheer brilliance of the idea, but also ponders all the ways it could go wrong.

And none of that is starting.

The start is a singular action.

Making the call.
Sending a message.
Scheduling something on the calendar.
Standing up.
Sitting down.
Googling it.

I love to think, so one of my first singular actions is: Writing down my thoughts until I can get clear on what the next action is.

All of this is starting.

You’ve heard the saying, “An object in motion tends to stay in motion.”

One singular action will simply invite you to another singular action.

There is no right or wrong, good or bad. There is just to stay with the actions … until.

Maybe until you’ve seen your idea all the way to completion!
Maybe until you’ve determined there is a “wait” period, and you will revisit another time.

Taking the action is when you begin.
Taking the action is what moves things into motion, keeps things in motion and “actually” brings your IDEA into reality!

We spend so much time thinking and worrying and stressing and fearing and trying to get all the details planned out and trying to say what’s going to happen ahead of time that we exhaust ourselves…


Give yourself a break! Don’t exhaust yourself up there in your head, doing nothing but thinking.

Invest your energy into doing. Invest your energy into showing up. Invest your energy into action.

Your Idea wants to shine.
It wants to be shared.
It wants to be actualized!

The muscle you must exercise to start the thing is the same muscle you’re going to need every step of the way.

So you may as well get to working out that muscle now.

The Idea isn’t going to create itself.