Stop Making It Harder Than It is

Showing up is the work.

It’s really that simple.

Every time you go in hiding. Every time you resist a conversation. Every time you don’t commit because you’re afraid you’ll fail or fall...

You aren’t doing it.

This isn’t hard.

Showing up is the work. And it isn’t even hard!

Is what you may experience when you go through whatever it is, challenging? Sure. There’s an element of challenge. But THAT is the part that makes you better & the part you are always proud of yourself for doing!

All the story ahead of time about showing up that you think is so hard and challenging is NOT. And it’s not helping you grow.

So you’re literally over there wasting your time.

Until you show up.

Showing up is the work.

Then you do whatever there is to do, but it actually ends up being kind of fun, and you enjoy it, and you get better. You may even have some tears. But their tears of having given it your all...not tears of “if only...”

There’s a big difference.

The work is just to show up.

What is it time for you to show up to?