Embrace the MESS

Last night I did a livestream where I both talked and was a living example of what it means to embrace the mess/chaos of creation.

Look, if you’re going to paint, expect to get some color in some places you didn’t originally plan to get it.
If you’re going to write, expect to have some words come out that you don’t love.
If you’re going to start a business, expect to make some decisions that don’t work out.

Call it failure, if you want.
Call it a mess, if you like.

Or just embrace the fact that it is apart of the process! There is no “one” way — there is no neat, clean and tidy from the get. You wouldn’t even want it that way. What you are enjoying the most is the creative process, not just the creative outcome.

Because for the creative-type, the happiness is in the creation itself. It’s in the freedom to create. It’s in the freedom to make a mess. It’s in the freedom to take the mess and choose it, like you meant to do it. Because you did.

You meant to show up.
You meant to go for it.
You meant to be the world’s best try-er.

You meant to be messy.
You chose this.

Perfectionism is a myth. Whatever creative endeavors there are for you to undertake and to continue are ready for you right NOW. There’s nothing that you need to do to get started. Maybe it will feel messy. Or maybe you’ll drag it out so slooowwwwly that it won’t be messy. But if that’s the case, then there’s a pretty high chance that it also just won’t BE.

And your art wants to be lived out.

Will you let the paint splatter now?

Get Ahead by Getting Ahead

It’s Sunday night as I write this, and as has been the case for many Sunday nights of my life, I have a general sense of excitement about the week ahead.

But I know for many that feeling could just as well be overwhelm. An inbox full of emails to address. A client who needs called first thing in the AM. A sick child. A grumpy spouse. A dirty house….

It’s the basics we overlook. It’s the basics we take for granted. It’s the basics we think we don’t need because surely the solution to all our problems and issues is something really complex and difficult.

But it’s the basics we need.

Set time aside to plan. You will always feel behind, stressed and hectic if you are not ahead of what’s happening. And the only way you get ahead is by getting ahead. That doesn’t [necessarily] mean getting ahead in your workload.

It’s about getting ahead in your mind. Getting your mental state, your perspective, ahead of the game, so nothing takes you by surprise or knocks you off track.

What do you need to be with, to vision, to plan, to see, before the week actually begins to unfold, so that you are ahead, directing, leading and orchestrating the whole damn thing?