We Lose Our Wonder -- Squelched By Fear


That’s a lot of days.

For being someone who claims to love sunrises as much as I do, I haven't seen terribly many.

Positioning myself just so in order to catch a glimpse of that big gaseous ball of energy that has not failed me once, making its appearance at the break of day?

No, instead, I’ve spent many days feigning how I need more sleep or grabbing coffee and “getting to work.” Or simply not thinking about it at all — my vision impaired by something much more "pressing."

Going out of my way to see a sunrise never came across to me as a very efficient thing to do. Lovely, sure, but, a little too much effort then the reward would seem to give, most days.

And plus, someone’s got to get to work.

So, I would settle for the random occurrences. Usually while driving to an early morning appointment...

There the sun would be, lifting up its head, making its presence known through the warm, hearty glow that overtook the landscape, before its rays actually even hit; the perfectly sparse clouds permeated in deep pink and blue; the sky itself changing shade from dark to day.

And as I'd look up to examine horizon to horizon, it was clearly still night in the west and becoming day in the east.

And this was morning. A moment that shouted a little more subtly than others: Look at me.

What? I’m pretty sure this thing that has made its appearance, without fail, every single day of my life (and for nearly 4.5 billion years….4.5 billion years. Must I repeat it? 4.5 billion. years.)… has got its job down and is doing just fine. It has lost nothing.

But me?

Now, I might lose MY wonder. Captivated by other things that “need” done led by fears that seem real.

We lose our wonder — squelched by fear.

So instead, we accept that most of life is meant to be pretty, well, normal. Lack luster. That fear and its dictates are the way life on earth is supposed to go.

And that these special moments … they are special because they give us a glimpse of something more meaningful, more beautiful, more surreal such that, maybe, “one day,” we’ll get to live this way indefinitely.

It does not matter who you are, where you came from or what you believe: If you are a human, you live in a world setup to squelch your wonder. To package things neat and clean and say here: This is what is true. Nothing else to see here!

Be wary of the thought someone or something else is "out there” trying to “get you" or “take your wonder.”

No, my friends, there is nothing trying to attack you as much as it is trying to distract you. This is simply apart of the human condition we face.

Part of being human in the world is the pull of the world to lesser purposes than we know we were created for (and we do know.)

The pull of the world is to less wondrous ways of being.

It takes something to be someone committed to a life of wonder instead of fear.
It takes something to be someone committed to a life of creation instead of consumption.
It takes something to be someone committed to a life of transcending the ways of the world, the pull of the world to be “normal,” to be “average” and to focus on survival of the body instead of expansion of the essence.

It takes something.

What does it take? Well, it takes everything that’s not that. (Read: Fear.)

This isn’t about paying your way to a wondrous life. It’s about letting go of everything that keeps you from it.

Your natural state is wonder!
Your natural essence is expansion.
Your natural essence is creation.
Your natural essence is eternal, abundant, life.

This is who you are. It’s who you’ve always been.

And everything, everywhere, always, will do its best to keep you from this. Even the seemingly more noble things in life like “caring” for others or “earning” a living. If we show up to life at the cost of our wonder, can it even be said we are really living?

If we don’t wonder now, when will we?
If we don’t create now, when will we?
If we don’t transcend now, when will we?

All of us experience the pull to live lives as mere humans...most often promised that after we die, something will change. We will become who we were always meant to be!

How interesting that we have come to believe physical death is the way to eternal life.

I will let you in on the secret: It is not death that is the way to life. Only life gives way to life.

This is it. Please do not wait for heaven. Heaven is waiting on you.

The invitation of heaven is to a more wondrous way of living, a life full of more awe and astonishment, a life where the world and its lesser ways fade and fade as we are enthralled with all that is captivating and real.

When we slow down enough, we know… the invitation is not coming from without, but from within. Always beckoning. Sometimes whispering through a flower. Sometimes shouting through tragic news.

Whatever it takes...

May we hear the shouts. May we hear the whispers. But may we hear. The call to wonder, the call to heaven, the call to life now, while living. May we not delay another day.

For tomorrow, we really do die.