6 Principles of Conscious Entrepreneurship

This Friday I will be sharing with entrepreneurs in the Oklahoma City area about being a Conscious Entrepreneur.

How is this different than being a "regular" entrepreneur? It might not be at all -- except choosing the conscious route allows our desires for fulfilling our full potential to drive us, and in the process, we become aware and aligned in a way that was previous foreign. This opens the gate to an overwhelming amount of opportunity and freedom!

There are 6 principles we'll be diving into over the course of 2 hours -- with plenty of room to discuss, ask questions and internalize. These 6 Principles came from Laura Cannon who wrote a book called "The Conscious Entrepreneur: A Guide to Maximizing Your Potential for Success, Freedom, and Happiness."

#1 - Oneness: All things are connected

#2 - Presence: Space to rest in awareness

#3 - Inner Compass: Taking cues from your head or your heart

#4 - Impermanence: Nothing stays the same

#5 - Boldness: Without it, your song remains unsung

#6 - Service: Self-transcendence & charting the path for others

Ready to make a difference? To be a champion for change? It starts with YOU. See you Friday!