Merging the Worlds

Leadership. Influence. Power. Change. Production. Value. Challenges. Hurdles. There is an entire subset of people who thrive on The Climb, Making It Happen and who experience great feelings of significance through the Success they have created.

At the same time, there is a stronger and stronger movement toward Meditation, Allowing, Power over Force, Self-Love, Gratitude & Appreciation and an overall sense of Significance through Being over Doing.

Shortly after I first met Ashton, I began the process of getting my real estate license, quitting my 8-6 corporate job and becoming a business owner. I quickly fell in line with my value of hard work, progress, success and doing whatever it takes. I didn't realize how much more I would walk into...

For over the past 4 years, the journey of entrepreneurship has led us to much more than we ever knew we would walk into. And we know it's just getting started.

See, the world is parched for Truth, Light and Love. So many know there is just something more available they are missing. They are living in Have To's and Should Have's instead of Choose To and Doing.

We have lived for generations now, led by Force -- force of development, business growth, production numbers, my-way-or-the-highway and conform or die mindsets.

Now is the time to merge the worlds. 

Now is the time for the Conscious Leaders to rise up embrace their responsibility and lead from a place of Awareness.

Our world will be led through Power -- power of being, power of intention, power of pure heartedness, power of alignment -- the Power of Love.