The True Nature of Love

“Surely, if I love enough, give enough, share enough, be attentive enough, help enough, be kind enough, patient enough, understanding enough… surely! If I love this way and put myself aside time and time again… surely! I will finally be filled. Full. Complete. I will have made a difference. I will have made THE difference! And I will be fulfilled. Complete. I will be loved in the same grand way I love!"

Looking back now, I can see that’s how I spent the large majority of my life. As in: All of it. Except maybe as a very small child when our love is still pure.

Somewhere along the way fear creeps in, and we begin to “love" in order to feel safe. We begin to “love" in order to create a space of comfort around ourselves. One where things seem predictable and ‘measurable’ even. “If I love this way, then surely _____."

No longer do we Love for Love's sake. No longer do we shine the very essence of Love for the beauty that it is...

No, somewhere along the way, we decided love needed to get to WORK.

We decided the purpose of love was to fill a need out there with someone or something else.

And if that’s the way we give love, then of course, that’s the way we receive it.

Something missing? Love can help!

As if love was what would close the gap of insufficiency.

I understand the weight of what I am about to say. And here it is:

Love does not close gaps. 
Love does not fill needs.

Love is so all-encompassing, so all-consuming, so unconditional, it cannot even see a condition within which there is a “gap” or a “need.”

Love is what it is, as it is, always. It IS the perfection.

Love isn’t lacking, and it doesn’t see lack. 
Love isn’t in need, and it doesn’t see needs.

Love cannot earn its way, sacrifice its way or give its way to completion or wholeness.

Why? Simple…

Love IS the completion and wholeness.

Why would it need to sacrifice itself for itself? How could it? It couldn’t.

But we try. And it is what keeps us insane… in a cycle of something always missing, always broken, always lacking.

If we pin love in a way is scaleable, measurable... “enough” or “not enough” … we keep the very thing we want to correct and see changed, separate, elusive, out there, “one day."

To heal our world, to heal ourselves, to correct our perception, to make a difference that makes THE difference, only one choice is required...

That choice is to believe Love is all there is. And thus, Love cannot "give" Itself away at all, but it can share itself. It can extend itself.

All of what occurs and unfolds in our personal worlds and our collective world... all that looks like it is not love is simply the out picturing of our forgetting the all-encompassing nature of Love Itself.

So... May we remember. 💖