Meghan Fife Live...

I’ve been writing and sharing my thoughts online since Xanga. I remember my site was titled, Meant2Be.

Unfortunately, those posts are long gone because Xanga did what it did over time, and I was 11 years old at the time. (Not exactly considering the idea of backing up my posts!)

But the name says enough to give you a glimpse into me…

Meant to Be.

Meant to be what? Well, if I remember correctly, and I do, it wasn’t “meant to be” anything, in particular. It was just, meant to be!

In existence.
Meant to be here.
Meant to be alive.
Meant to be breathing!

The theme holds true throughout my life (though when MySpace came around I quickly started “caring” what others thought — concerning myself with consumption over creation and focusing more on others profiles than my own musings.)

In 2010 I started a blog called Thoughts On the Real Life (which can still be found at, surprisingly.) My last post there was an announcement I had launched a new site: Start Well. Live Well.

Thoughts On the Real Life.
Start Well. Live Well.

I would say that no matter what or where I’ve shared, including on Facebook and Instagram as of late, I’ve always come from a place of sharing what I see as real and true from my own personal experience in living. There is an art to living, and I feel like I was always stuck in the ‘production’ of living. Always looking outward to something more beautiful, more possible, more limitless. And sharing what I saw.

Now, I’ve begun to venture out into the art itself. And it’s everything I thought it was and more. I wouldn’t say it is easy. By and far, it is the hardest venture I’ve taken on to date. But I am so grateful to be doing the work and putting together ways of sharing it with you.

I had some hesitancy naming this site Meghan Fife Live. At first it felt… vain. I mean, I’m no celebrity! I’m… “just me.” (The ‘production’ speaking.)

But see: That’s the whole point. I am ME! I can be no one else. (I have tried, and it does not work.) And being a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being, there is simply to accept that fact and to live from that place of reality.

Thus: Meghan Fife Live

Plus, in a practical sense, if we must, it does serve as a hub for me to share all the things I’m into and up to. (Because “fleeting” is the word I’d use to describe most other social outlets.)

So thanks for being here — whenever you read these words. And welcome to my work. 🧡

Onward for now.