Real Estate, Feelings & the Road to Enlightenment?

Last week I delivered training on being a Conscious Entrepreneur. The premise is simple: Stay awake & aware. Don’t just skid through your life. Use your business as your vehicle to greater self-awareness.

I am confident every entrepreneur took the leap into the unknown for more than external metrics of success.

From my perspective, we decided to do it based on feelings. Feelings of expectation. Excitement. Fulfillment. Passion. Vibrant, radiant energy. Anticipation. Contribution.

Typically, the leap looks more like an all-out free-fall, trusting you’ll learn to fly in the process. Entrepreneurs, and those who stake their success on themselves, have one thing in common: they know they can do it!

“I’ve Got This” is the mantra for many who choose to work for themselves and create businesses. They push for their full potential. They share their truth, their creation and their mission with the world.

Slightly over 4 years ago, I chose real estate sales as my outlet for entrepreneurship.

What I was really deciding was to hold feelings of growth, anticipation, contribution and fulfillment. See, the more you share yourself with the world through a specific service and skill set, the simpler the journey toward enlightenment is.

You begin to use your business as your way of getting to know and grow yourself!

It’s never been about the houses. It has always been about the opportunity. The opportunity to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. The opportunity to grow. The opportunity to be me and give value from that place.

And as I’ve interacted with over 200 clients, I have discovered it’s not about house for them, either. Something deeper drives their decision making. Drives all of our decision making…. Once again, it’s the opportunity to feel a certain way.

At peace. Safe. Proud. Worthy. Loved. Hopeful. Appreciated. Engaged — not missing out. A new beginning.

Whatever or whoever you interact with today in your life and business, take a deep breath and choose to be aware of the feelings. Just for a moment. Take note of the emotions inside of you, emanating from them or simply in the room.

How could you be the conduit to better feelings?

That, my friends, is massive value.