On Being

I've always been so obsessed with the immaterial. I think most of us, especially if we're lucky enough to be reading this post on a computer or phone, we're born into an environment that supported our most basic needs for survival.

Sure, maybe you didn't enjoy it to the max. Maybe it wasn't the best possible scenario. Maybe it wasn't easy, but... you made it!

At least, I think you're alive...Right? (hello? hello? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

When our needs for survival are being met (and that doesn't take much), we have a freedom to dream, imagine, question and be curious.

So there I was, as a kid, totally consumed with thoughts of possibility. Letting my imagination roam.

I imagined I owned a surfshop on the beach. I took the time to draw the whole thing out in colorful chalk on the driveway.

I imagined I was the head coach of a WNBA team. Not a member, but the coach! I'd map out drills to practice and then pass the ball to myself, as I played each player. But in my mind, I always knew I was the coach, and my favorite part? Giving the inspirational speeches before the game, at the half and after a win or a loss. (We were going to the championship. Had to stay the course.)

For whatever reason, I never had a hard time "seeing" these kinds of things. All the details were pretty clear to me -- so clear I could act out the whole thing on the spot.

But there's one memory I have that was different.

It felt less like "imagination" and more like desire.

You know the difference -- with a clear imagination, it's almost as if you can feel, sense, hear, smell things. You really begin to step into the experience, even just in your mind.

But this memory wasn't that. It felt like a desire -- like something I wanted, but I had no idea how I would do it.

It felt more... out of reach.

I wanted to fly.

[Not like a bird. Like a plane. ๐Ÿ›ซ IN a plane.]

I wanted to fly in a plane.

Flying on a plane felt more out of reach to me than being the head coach of a WNBA team.


I'd lay there, on the trampoline in my backyard, looking up at the clouds and sky, and I'd watch these commercial airliner jets soooo far up in the sky, you could barely see them.

I questioned where they were coming from and where they were going. I tried to visualize the faces on the plane, and what they were doing.

And most of all, I was always curious WHY they were on that plane.

What in the world could they be up to that they needed to be on a plane going 500mph? Surely, it had to be an emergency. Otherwise, they would take their cars, right?

I thought often: Surely they're going to see someone, for the last time, who is dying. Or maybe they're already on their way to the funeral. I bet there's a lot of sad people on that plane...


Hear me out: I was probably 8 years old, okay?

I wanted to be up there, but for the life of me, I couldn't get my imagination to create a movie of me living that life.

It was more of a static vision. An "out there" desire. I want to be on a plane. I want to go somewhere. And I DON'T want it to be because someone is dying. I want to go somewhere for the JOY of it.

I didn't have many of the other details sorted out. I obviously had a lot of underlying beliefs about why someone would be on a plane instead of just casually driving to their destination.

But even with those beliefs, I knew what I wanted. And I was okay laying there with that longing on the trampoline, hour after hour. No colorful chalk. No mapped out drills. Just my thoughts and I, doing my best to sort out how I could REALLY make it happen.


See, it's actually easier to carry this "far out" vision of the future. It's so far out, it really does feel like a dream. It's a lovely dream to carry with us, and when we're feeling kinda down in the weeds with things, those visions give us a little "umph" to keep going.

We tell ourselves...

"One day I KNOW I'll have the life. I can see it, smell it, taste it. I just have to keep going. For now, I can imagine it. One day I'll have it."

That's easy.

Any of us can do that. All of us do it!

"One day, I'll have the life."

One day...

We're built with that kind of imagination inside of us. But it's just the basics.

When we hit on something REAL, it starts to get uncomfortable. We actually know what we WANT to see, but we're having a hard time seeing it.

Like me wanting to be on the plane.

It's easier to just keep some far out, imaginary picture of what life "could" be like "one day" vs. holding a vision of what life "would" be like "now" if I were actually that person, doing that thing.

When you can see something you want, but you can't see YOURSELF in it yet, this is where the gold is!

(It's also where all the work is! ๐Ÿ˜‰)

You really get to thinking about the reality of it. What steps would I need to take? And beyond: WHO is the person that would take those steps??

And this is where it all begins. Because, as lovely as our imaginations are, as lovely as having a vision of what the future could be one day, life isn't happening out there, somewhere in the distant future where everything is easy and perfect. Where you have "earned your right" to "the life."

No, life is always happening right here, right now. As you are being. And you will carry around the human being you, with you, until you die. All your dreams and visions and imaginations will only be realized in human form. Where there is actual life to live and things to be with.

It's lovely to consider and imagine the immaterial possibilities. To almost fantasize about "the life."

It's a whole other to choose into the material actualities and do the hard work of placing your real, human self, there, in the middle of "the life" day in and day out.

I did that hard work around the plane life, and 8 years later, at age 16, I was on my first plane ride, going 7,446 miles from Dallas, TX to Auckland, New Zealand. (What? Did you think I was just going to fly from OKC to Phoenix or something?)

That actual, human experience beat my imagination of coaching a WNBA team by a million as it opened up more and more actual vision for me.

YOU are the only one who can choose to give yourself the chance to stop fantasizing, living only in your immaterial imagination, and instead choose to show up for the real work.

The real work of BEING.


The invitation is to do the work.

Though we are so much more than mere mortals living in time and space, we ARE mortals living in time and space.

And one day, our TIME will run out.

Time is ultimately the only finite resource we have.

So, my private clients? They are people who are all-in on the work of BEING. They relentlessly invest into a space with their time, money, energy and attention, to be coached and held accountable to the work at ridiculously high levels.

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BTW: Saying "yes" IS the work....there's no sitting back and crossing your fingers, hoping that things change or that your dreams just "somehow" come true. Or that "one day" comes where you're finally living "the life." Nope.

If I haven't made it clear: THE LIFE is happening RIGHT NOW. And you hold the keys.

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See you inside.