Love & Connection or Fear & Separation?

You know that aching feeling when you're parting with a loved one?

Maybe it's a new lover and the both of you are so into each other, but the weekend is over, and it's now time to go back to "reality."

Or one of your young kids is going off to college, thousands of miles away, and you just don't want to let go of them.

Maybe you know your phone conversation is coming to a close with someone you've missed dearly, and don't want the time to come to an end.

It even applies to kids growing up and relationships evolving. "Things aren't the same,=" we think.

It can feel like a real separation from that person. A real "missing."

That ache can feel so intense that it actually feels like it's occurring in some REAL way. The internal pain of this "parting" can feel... physical!

For me, it's often felt like a "tearing" away. Or simply a "removing" of something.

It's as if: I have something now. Connection with this person. In this way. And now that I'm leaving their physical presence, or that things are changing in some three dimensional way, things are going to be different. Like a hole is now left where that connection was.

And it's never felt pleasant. In fact, that feeling felt like a sacrifice of something. That I had to give up what I had and learn to "deal with it" in the new, more separated way.

It's as if we believe that the thing driving the connection between us is something physical. Some real-time interaction or some tangible, predictable way of relating and connecting.

And now that is going away.... something is going to be missing.

But of course, a few minutes go by, or a few hours. Maybe a few days...and things start to feel somewhat "normal" again. You are off living your life, doing what you do, and you get distracted or simply move onto other things.

But when the time comes, as it inevitably does, you think of that person or reminisce on the way it was, and in that moment you feel one of two things:

1. Connection
2. Separation

Connection: You experience an appreciation and love and unity for what you know is real between you and them, regardless of the status of the "bodies" involved.


Separation: You experience a critical attitude, hold a sense of fear that something isn't right and needs to be "fixed" and have an overall sense of disconnection.

→ News Flash!! ←

You actually get to choose which of these you experience at any given time!

So: why would you choose to experience separation when you could experience connection? (I know why, and that's why we're talking about this.)

See... the feeling of separation in those moments is coming from the belief that you are a "body." And that the way connection is established and maintained is through the bodies being connected in some physical, predictable, time & space way.

You know you have those friends you haven't spoken with in 10 years, and you visit their city, meet up for an evening, converse and connect, share love -- just like you hadn't missed a beat!

This is what it possible in all of our relationships and connections. Always. There is no need for that aching feeling of separation -- ever. Not when your kids are growing up or when certain relationships evolve into a different form.

Love knows this. Because love IS connection, pure and simple.

Love loves regardless of physical proximity, "time" spent with the other or the relationship looking any particular way.

Love exists outside of the body and can handle any and all physical shifts and changes because it was never your body that was connected with the other in the first place. It was your mind. Your soul.

A Course In Miracles states: Minds are joined; bodies are not.

✨ It's why having a clear mind is so important! ✨

🔸 A clear mind sees what is real, what is true, and what works for all. 
🔸 A clear mind recognizes that sacrifice is not necessary. 
🔸 A clear mind knows that settling for "this is just the way it is" is not required!
🔸 A clear mind grants you the opportunity to experience unity, harmony and connection, always.

It takes a bit of work to get and keep your mind clear though!

We are so used to letting our minds run wild, and we even know that they're running amuck and follow them anyway! 😜 We let them direct us instead of us directing them.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You can have a clear mind.

You can use your mind to see clearly that you are always connected and fully joined with others, with the world and with life itself. Nothing missing, broken, or lacking. EVER.

The way I work with my mind, to keep it clear, and working for me, instead of against me, is a daily ritual.

There's too much life happening all of the time to try to "set it and forget it."

Every day, we can renew our minds. 
Every day, if we want to experience wholeness & connection & power, we MUST renew our minds!

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