Live From Where You Are

It's actually the only place you can ever live from. But so many of us try to live or start new endeavors and ventures from places we... aren't. Instead, we try to live from stories we have created instead of reality.

It can feel challenging to start from where you are. You have to be willing to be with what's real instead of with one the stories. The stories could sound like: you should be further along or things should look a different way by now.

But you can relax. Let go of the story.

Notice where you are. 
Accept where you are. 
Then choose to live from that place. 
[Anything else is futile.]

Sometimes you will have started down a particular path, or toward a specific goal, and then you'll look up and notice that it is no longer present for you. That you aren't being with it like you thought you were going to or like you had planned to.

Where did it go? How did you not continue with it?

You don't know exactly...It seemed important at the time you started it. What happened? You had begun! But now...

This is the moment judgment wants to creep in. Judgment tries to make it mean something that you are no longer with the thing.

We end up beating ourselves up and questioning our abilities. When we notice we aren't with it anymore we get all kinds of crazy stories going on!

We formulate stories, so we don't disappoint ourselves again. Or embarrass ourselves.

We formulate stories that indicate we must not be ready or have what it takes, or that what we want isn't important, or that we need to go learn a new skill before we can start again.

And instead of releasing the stories all together and choosing again now, we do one of two things:

We turn the [metaphorical] car off & throw the keys out the window saying "oh well!" (or a few four-letter words.)


We simply try to kick ourselves into gear, demanding more from ourselves, thinking a bit more discipline and effort will surely do the trick.

Let me cut through the bull for you because I've only been around this cycle 1,211 times.

Do yourself a favor and be kind to yourself.
Accept reality without judgment.

The reality is you didn't "stay" with it. Cool! Throwing in the towel OR kicking yourself is not going to do the trick.

Remember: You are the one making it mean something that you didn't stay with it. There's not actual meaning inherent with your choices. That's just what you chose to do. And all your judgments and stories and "shoulds" are keeping you from actually living your life!

Can you release all the "shoulds" that you have?

See...Your life is made up of a series of consecutive "now" moments. The question does not have to be a judgmental, "Why didn't you stick with that?" or even a passive, "Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be."

No, the question can actually just be: What is here for me now? What is real right now? From where I am? In this moment - now? πŸ˜‰

And am I willing to keep showing up for THIS "now" instead of making the last "now" mean something about me, my worth, my plans, my purpose, or my abilities?

If you are willing to keep playing in this game of life, if you are willing to start where you are and to never give up and never give in, you will be, do and have it all.

But you must keep showing up.

And it may very well feel like all you are ever doing is "beginning."

And that's okay. Because in reality, there are no real beginnings. It is impossible for you to not carry with you all there is to carry with you from the journey you have been on in eternity, now.

The moment you feel like you "begin" is not intended as some grand be-all-end-all of all the moments where in THAT moment what you decide to do there is "it!"

Yes -- the moment is IT, but that's all it is! Nothing more and nothing less.

What is real here is real here, and that's all that is real. What you choose to do here is what you choose to do here, and that's all that you choose. [Sit with it. πŸ˜˜]

You get to plan and intend and create the future, and then you get to show up to those now moments, there in the future with all the reality and your self fully present. It may not look how you had planned, but that won't matter much because you will be in that moment, being who you are.

When this is the way you live, every moment carries with it a certain new beginning vibe to it. It is THIS that is the fresh start, the limitless possibility, and access to the full power.

As you practice showing up for your now moments, you will begin to experience what feels like momentum. The moments will appear to be lining up succinctly with what you have intended and planned in your previous now moments. And even when they don't look how you thought they would, you see all the perfection and synchronicity because you have fully embraced all your NOWS. πŸ’–

So do yourself a favor: Practice accepting that none of those stories you've made up about why things haven't happened or unfolded or why you haven't done this or that actually matters or means anything in and of itself.

You get to choose what it all means, so you may as well choose an empowering story -- one that doesn't let you miss out on NOW.

If you really look at your life, you know it is not made up of a linear timeline where success is measured this way or that.

But that it actually exists as an Infinite Now moment. Your life is always being lived here, where you are. This is your entire existence. And to beat yourself up for not having "stuck with it" or not being further along or not "having what it takes" is only choosing misery.

You need not suffer.
You need not be miserable.

And you need not stop or throw in the towel!

You get start again. You get to begin again. You get to be here, now. You get to start from exactly where you are and trust in the sheer perfection of it all.

To live is to live now. There is no where else to live from. And there's definitely no where else to start from. You are carrying with you all the wisdom you need. Trust the process, release resistance and show up for your

I have so much love for you each. More than you know. πŸ₯°