The Voice That Doesn't Use Words

“There is a Voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” - Rumi

I fell in love with this Voice a long time ago.

I didn’t care where it came from. The “why” behind it seemed like a distraction from the beckoning... the pursuit.. the calling.

When I’d listen to the Voice, it always felt like the better part of me, just waiting to be embraced.

Calm, but potent.

Free, but all-consuming.

Peaceful, and full of fire.

I would listen and allow that Voice to move me.

It was never enough to let it change my thoughts about things.

I craved for it to change my body. The way I moved. The way I walked. Acted. Stared. Breathed. Held my very self.

I longed for it to transform my cells and take charge of the signals my nervous system was sending out and receiving.

For it to undo me, and do me, over and over again.

I asked It to swallow me whole.

And it did.

I’d ask again.

How far could I go listening to a Voice without words? Where would it lead?

And as all good questions go — it was in the experience I found my answers.

Never knowing exactly how It would move me, every new moment felt like new surrender.

Every new request, radical in its own way.

For the Voice's job isn't labels and descriptions of things already existing.

No, Its job is pure creation.

This is the Voice hovering over the formless, empty, dark, deep waters, ready to express Itself in ways not yet revealed.

Eventually, words came (as they do.) But this Voice isn’t that.

There are words, yes, but this Voice is the one between the words.

This Voice is the Voice beyond the worlds.

And as I’ve listened to the Voice, as I’ve surrendered to Its creative power, I have fallen more and more in love.

Not because there are only clear, blue skies all the time.

But because listening to this Voice has given me access to seeing the infinite light that exists out beyond the shadows and clouds of my limited perception.

It’s shown me it’s okay to trust, to let go, to fly high and create with It.

There is a Voice that doesn’t use words. Are you listening?

For those listening, I know you are on the journey of a lifetime. No matter how much you’ve trusted, surrendered and let go, it’s easy to deafen our listening and sink into a place of feigning control.

We know we love the Voice. We know we trust It. And we’re still humans who feel fear and have thoughts and tend toward comfort over change.

Let me say this: Change does not have to be full of suffering. You need not feel unsafe or insecure or totally out of balance in order to embrace change and allow the unfolding of your new creations.

You get to have it all. Whatever you choose.

I’ve created a space for you to access and be with this for yourself.

You get to go at your own pace, with me as your partner and guide.

You get to gently, or passionately, connect with the Voice and do the work with it.

I’ve designed the space to walk you through four elements — each with their own surrender experiments as you let yourself fully be with the longings of your own heart and soul.

No resistance.

If you’ve read this far, you know you and the Voice have some things to do. All the cooperating components are here. The last one is you saying, “Yes.” Send me a PM, and we will get started.