How Long It Takes

You have 100% say in how “long it takes.”

Think of how many times you’ve come around to the same mental conversation over and over.

Think of how many times you’ve come up with new reasons “now” isn’t the right time.

Think of all the ways you’ve chosen something slightly more comfortable, easier and let’s just say: less honestly revealing and declared it “good enough.”

That’s fine. You can do that. You can call it good enough. You can come up with another reason why now isn’t the time to do it. You can hold the same old boring conversations in your mind, over and over.

But just know, this is why it’s taking so long.

Your frustration with the process is actually just your frustration with yourself. You haven’t even got the process started yet!

The process isn’t frustrating or irritating. 
Your resistance to it is.

The process only begins as soon as you say, “yes.”

And remember!…. That YES must keep resonating over and over over throughout the moments of your life. It will not work to simply say “yes” in one moment and hope it sticks.

You’ve had a lot of chatter, a lot of reasons why you can’t, a lot of now-isn’t-the-time — and all of those were “no’s.”

No. Not right now.
No. Not yet.
No. Only after I…

So you are pretty conditioned to be with the no.

And now it’s time to condition yourself to be with the yes.

You have 100% say in “how long it takes.”

And I’ll tell you just how long that is…

It’s long enough for you to say the word, “Yes.”