Embracing Resistance


You know the feeling. It goes beyond thought, even. It can almost feel physical. Like a barrier between you and the thing.

What thing? The thing there is for you to do.

See: You only experience resistance around what there is to do.

I’ll say it again, so we’re clear: Resistance is an experience opposing what there is to do.

You would never experience resistance toward something that there wasn’t for you to do. That would be kind of funny…

Oh, I’m just here resisting… taking… the … dog? … on a walk? (but you don’t have a dog.)
Oh, I’m resisting…having a conversation with…. my boss?… about… the project? (but you don’t have a boss.)

No, you don’t resist things that aren’t REAL for you. Instead, when you experience resistance, it’s a clear sign there is something actually there for you to do.

So embrace it! Accept it. Love it. Listen to it! What is it trying to resist exactly?

Let it do the heavy lifting of pointing the way. Then just go do the thing and show resistance who’s boss.