Create, create, create.

This is the Voice inside my head. And my heart. Almost like a pulsating from every part of me.

My brain, eyes, lungs, heart, stomach, kidneys, intestines.

And it never ends. Almost like it’s apart of my breath cycles.

Create, create, create.

Maybe this is odd to you or perhaps you know exactly the feeling. And it is a feeling. Verbal communication is not required. The Knowing, The Being, The Energy that brought about spoken and written word in the first place is still in full force today. (You know we didn’t always use language like we do now, right?) This Energy prompts, prods, pushes and beckons all who will hear.

When truly received, there is a momentum along with it that prompts action as a natural by-product. And that action causes the Voice to become louder and clearer. Because now it is ready to share more of It’s secrets with you — Resourcefulness at its finest. Producing 10–50–100x what was given you.

Could it be that the Voice is really saying…

Receive, receive, receive?