Are you willing to let the "challenge" be "easy?"

The work itself has different challenge levels. But you can’t arrive at a new challenge level until you’ve knocked out the previous one.

There is no skipping ahead.

So once you get to the work itself, as challenging as it may be, it can also feel pretty damn easy. Because you’re ready for it.

But what ends up happening most of the time is you never get to the work. Instead, you stay in your head. You stay with your thoughts, you hold tight to your feelings — they all feel so difficult to overcome. You fool yourself into thinking you’re actually doing the work because of the incessant chatter going on up in your head or the overwhelming feelings you have in your body.

You’re not alone. We’ve all done it. And we all do it, sometimes.

We fool ourselves into thinking we’re working but we’re not — we aren’t actually leveling up our ability to be with new challenges — we’re just spinning circles in our head about it!

But once you actually get to work, you will, without a doubt, experience a moment of “ease.” You’ll notice that the challenge itself is nothing compared to the story you were making up in your head about it!

When you arrive in that moment, be grateful for it. Notice how you worked for this moment. Be grateful when things are clicking, and take that time to dream even bigger and plan even further out. What are the next possibilities? The next creations? The grander vision of success?

You can only get clear on your vision when you have chosen to practice removing the chaos of our mind and its distractions.

Let the challenges come because soon enough, they will feel easy and it will be time to create something else. Because if you’re honest about anything — change is the only constant and it’s either happening to you or you’re happening to it.

You have what it takes to create change for yourself instead of being at the whim of your surrounding conditions.

In the pursuit of your goals, dreams, hopes, and plans, you’re going to face a challenge. If it wasn’t going to feel a little challenging, you would already have achieved it, right?

Challenge is what makes the journey so sweet — well, looking back and seeing how you’ve overcome it, mostly.

But the way we most often approach challenge and difficulty is like it’s a warning sign instead of a big WELCOME invitation.

It IS a WELCOME invitation, my friends. Are you willing to be in the game and level up your difficulty levels with ease? You don’t do that sitting on the sidelines. There’s no challenge over there. All the challenge you think you’re experiencing, before even getting in the game, isn’t the real challenge. That’s just the bullshit story you’re making up in your mind.

I get it — it feels real. It’s why you sometimes need someone calling you out on the ways you’re stopping yourself before even getting started.

Don’t stop before you get started.

Let someone in to push you, kick you in the butt and even harass you with a lot of love and care when they see you quietly sitting on the sidelines of your life, just “waiting” for something to happen. Let someone in to face your fears with you and show you they really are just a bunch of lies.

If you ARE willing to be in the game, if you’ve said YES to yourself, to your goals, to your dreams, to your work, to your fullest self-expression and to receiving the compensation and value in return for your gifts that you know you are so worthy and deserving of… then you’re going to have to get okay with the prods, the kicks and the line-in-the-sand kind of love.

Find someone who you trust. Find someone who hears you. Find someone who believes in you. Find someone who you want to exchange energy with, build momentum with and do the thing with! And give them the permission to poke, to prod, to push, to call you out on your bull shit.

Because we all know you actually DO have what it takes. There’s nothing separating you from anyone else or from anything you desire to achieve except your own excuses and slow-pedaling. The challenge will always feel overwhelming when you’re not even in the game itself. Get in the game and watch the challenge become easy.

Until the next one. 😏

Does Money Have a Place Inside Self-Actualization?

(These words will take you somewhere. Follow them till the end?)

Money money money money (rockin’ everywhere… oh, wrong lyrics. 😉)  

I need more money…want more money…more money, please!  

I know most of us don’t talk like that. But, somewhere deep in the recesses of our soul, we’re thinking — if only I had more money all my problems would be solved. At least most of them. 

When I have more money I’ll… 

👉🏼 Invest in myself. Experiences, pleasures …Trainings, coaching. I’ll finally have the budget for ME. 

👉🏼 Be able to get the gym membership, the personal trainer & finally get consistent with my work outs. (🎶 I work ouuuttt… 💪🏼) It’s too tough right now to just “wake up early” and do it by myself. 

👉🏼 Buy the healthy, organic food. I’ll even meal prep and plan and have the cute stickers in my cute journal, and the food situation will be on lock. 

👉🏼 Actually enjoy my time off 🤩 🏖 No more dreading going back to work because I’ll have “plenty” and the demand just won’t be there. 

👉🏼 Spend more time with the things and people I love. I’ll take off early some afternoons, have long weekends and pick up some hobbies and creative endeavors I know I’d enjoy.  

👉🏼 Feel lighter. More free. I'lll have more S P A C E to float about and just “be.”  

Most people do not claim with words that money is the “solution” but we carry a vibe with us that says: Once I have the money handled, then I’ll ______. 

Let’s talk about “having the money handled.” 

First of all: What does that even mean? No debt? More income? No surprise bills? No car repairs needed ever again? What about having your retirement secured? What if you end up living 20 more years than you anticipated?  

But second of all: If we keep waiting for one thing, to be with another thing, we’re going to spend our whole life waiting. 

There is something for you to be with right now. 
And that’s what there is to be with. 

And when you’re honest with yourself you actually just know what it is. 

You know when you’re scrolling, and your higher self is like — No. Nope, nope, nope. That’s not what we’re doing right now. 

You know when you’re going for another glass of wine, or stuffing down the last of the fries or reaching for the donut, and your higher self is like — Uhm, hello? What are we doing here?

And you know the same thing happens around money. You work hard for what you make, and you feel like you know what there is to do with it. No need to really examine the motives or the energy — as long as it looks good on paper, right? And higher self is like — Hey, there’s a better way.

But we stay so distracted we barely even hear that Self. We’re just trying to make it through another day. Trying to get by. Easy does it, we think. Don’t get too crazy, now.

There is a Voice. And it is speaking to you about the way in which to go. 

But most humans are still operating inside a pretty static-filled channel, and the Voice that is trying to lead just isn’t coming in that clear.

Before we go off making plans and trying to create our grand visions “by the book” or in some logical form — wouldn’t it be best if we did the work around tuning into the Voice? 

The Voice is what knows best for all-time, not just for now-time. 
The Voice is your future Self who knows where this whole thing is going and is trying to make itself known, so you can live more aligned. More true. More whole. 
The Voice is not interested in protecting your ego, your personal identity or your accomplishments. It’s not interested in having you look good and be right. 

The Voice is only interested in you remembering who you really are. 
The Voice is only interested in your Self-realization which inevitably becomes Self-actualization. 

Being able to clearly distinguish the Voice from the noise of the mind, then, is the first thing there is to do.  Because it knows best.

It’s what you want anyway. If you’re honest….You really just want to live fully. You want to have the deepest peace, the most grounded certainty. You want to know you are exactly where you’re “supposed” to be.

This isn’t apathy. It’s not resignation. And it’s definitely not laziness. 

No, quite the opposite. Presence. Acceptance. Awareness. Peace. These are powerful, powerful ways of being.

What you want comes into view clearly, front and center, when you choose to face reality instead of your own illusory stories. 

See, the Voice exists only in Reality. It is the Truth. And It is All That Is.  

And it’s yours. It’s you. Once you begin observing, you notice — all that other stuff, the static, the fog, the confusion, the pain, the suffering, the chaos — it’s all a story you had believed and taken on as your own.

And now you get to relax into Reality.

What does this have to do with money?  

Everything. Because everything is everything. You and your life? You’re just one big ball of ENERGY.

Money is where most of our stories seem to begin.  

Don’t have “enough?” We’re tight. It’s tight. Everything’s tight. We’re suffering. Hard to get along with, talk with or really do anything with. Just have to get out of this situation, and then we can feel better.
Have “enough?” We’re okay. All’s well. Live and let live! Eat drink and be merry.

And up and down the rollercoaster goes. Don’t be fooled by time, either. It’s a facade... 
For some the pain of “not having enough” comes up every month and subsides as soon as they get paid.  
For others, it comes up once a year when they spend too much at Christmas or take the family on the annual vacation. 

For others, it hits when the stock crashes or the kids need help or a diagnosis gets made.  

When the sales don’t come in or the employees quit or just… life! 
What if you could release the tightness and never feel it again, regardless of circumstances or situations? 
What if you could be fully present, relaxed and grounded, always? 
What if peace was your energy? Clarity was your power?  

What if a steadfast following of the Voice was all you ever concerned yourself with, knowing It will lead you to your Self? That Self, by the way, is the most relaxed, vibrant, creative, love-filled Self ever!

It’s possible. It is the work of our life because it’s the work no one else can do for you. 

Self-honesty, self-awareness, self-acceptance — these are the foundation pieces to put into place. Ultimately, the path leads to self-realization. 

A realized Self. An understood Self. A recognized Self. 

That Self, fully seen, will actualize. Here, in form. Your human existence will be exactly as it was originally designed to be. You will play full on, with no regrets, no apprehensions, no hold backs, no take backs. 

Just You shining You.