Today's Plea

If you’re someone who aspires to lead, to make a difference.
If you’re someone who has seen yourself as a change agent, a difference maker, a healer, a conduit, one to “stand in the gap” so to speak.
If you’re someone who has ever looked on the suffering of the world and said: I want to help.

Your time is now.

We need you. The world needs you.

For years and years in my young life, I felt this calling. To say what there was to say. To do what there was to do. To keep myself uncomfortable, always pressing onward, in order to be able to share from a higher place.

And then, I got distracted. I got distracted with life and bills and money and relationships and goals, and I don’t have to go on because you know.

But nothing you do can cancel out your call. Your call is your call. It goes no where, even if you do. It’s patient. It doesn’t mind that you aren’t heeding it.

But the ones you are here to serve, may. Don’t worry, they never knew help was on the way, anyway.

This kind of work is like nothing you’ve ever done before.

It’s not one that says, “Okay! I will volunteer _____ hours at ____ organization and show up to ____ march."
It’s not one that even says, “I will give $______ to _____. That will help!”
And by god, it’s not one that say, “When I _____ I will finally be able to _____."

Your calling is not contingent.
Your calling does not care what you think you do or don’t have together.

All the calling needs is you. Willing to do the work.

But please hear me.

The work is on YOU first.

If there’s a single thing in your life you don’t feel in INTEGRITY about...
If there’s a single part of your experience you know you are living in HIDING around…
If there’s anything you know you are HOLDING BACK on — big picture, small picture, it doesn’t matter...
If there’s anything, at all, you are AWARE of that needs to change…

Get to freaking work.

Commit hell or high or water to heal the shit. Do whatever it takes. Go wherever it takes. Find whoever it takes. Give everything it takes to get in integrity. To step out of hiding. And to become hyper aware of how you “be” in this world. Healing can come through you, and it wants to come TO you.

Because do you know where the Healing that we want so badly for our world is going to come from? Where the Love that we desire is going to come from?

It’s going to come from WITHIN you. It’s going to come “AS” you!

You’re not a leader/healer/change agent who hears a message, claims to know it, and then regurgitates it. We’ve had enough of those.

Whatever your truth is, speak it.
Whatever your path is, walk it.

And don’t let fear keep you from “changing” as you go — that’s why it’s a path! You will uncover new things to heal as you go. You will change. And you’ll share from all those points along the way.

But must actually start.

It’s time to get going.

No more playing games.
No more staying comfortable.
No more living in the shadows.
No more avoiding the chisel that wants to break the thick crust that surrounds you.

You’re in there, just waiting to shine, to share, to heal!

But first — it’s requires you do the work of showing up for you. You know what’s next.

When Do We Talk About Peace?

Take a closer look at the conversations happening in our world and “peace” isn’t necessarily at the top of the list.

I’ve sat through my fair share of workshops, lectures and one-on-one conversations revolving around everything from religion, politics, sales & commerce, leadership development, productivity solutions, empowerment mindsets, wealth building, health and wellness living, and mindfulness & spirituality. I’ve read the books and engaged in deeper perspectives around all of these things and continue to do so because the conversations unfolding are creating the experience we have as a civilization.

But one of my favorite questions to ask is: What is not being said here?

And when I consider the communications as a whole, via all the outlets we share, it’s very clear that “peace” isn’t exactly at the top of our conversation lists.

Oxford dictionary defines peace as…
”1. Freedom from disturbance; tranquility. 1.1. Mental or emotional calm.”
”2. A state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.”

On the surface, we say we want freedom, but I don’t think we even know what we want freedom “from.”

What we want is peace.

Yet by and large, our world operates in a paradigm where peace is impossible. We hold being “right” in higher regard than finding real solutions that work for everyone. We take actions that perpetuate the divide, regardless of the result. We invest ourselves in means that do not work, thinking somehow it will lead to an end that does.

I’m here to let you know: There is another paradigm. And it can be entered into. It is one where peace is not only possible, but is the way to abundance and freedom and whole life. It does require letting go of each of the old ways and thought systems, in order to enter.

Many have already entered and are now extending ways of sharing and spreading this reality. This is not confined to the work of spiritual teachers, meditation practitioners or yoga instructors. This will be the work of every man and woman, in every part of life, in every industry, who has chosen to lead and extend ways that work, ways of peace, for all. Starting with one’s self.

Leading by Letting Go

The way to go to the next level as a leader, as a human committed to creating positive change, is to give up.

The way to rise is to let go.
The way to see increase is to surrender.

You may be a limitless, ever-expanding being, but must I remind you (I know I must...) that you do live within a human body, in time. And that, my friends, is limited in its own right.

Your body will die. 
Time will run out.

There is only so much you can be with. Truly.

The answer is not "more." The answer is "different."

You do not rise until you let go of what was working, in order to let in something that will work even better.

You do not see increase until you surrender what feels comfortable and satisfying, to allow in and make space for, the higher state of abundance.

You do not go to the next level until you give up the one that’s is working perfectly well right now.

What’s working right now is working right now. And that is beautiful and fine and good.

But for those of us with vision, for those of us who are not interested in maintaining the status quo, for those of us interested in leading others, and the world, into a truly better experience of life… we must be willing to let go.

To make space.

To trust that the things we’ve “earned” or “created” or “done” or “implemented” so far were wonderful. And they got us here.

But they will not be the things that take us there. ("More" of the same is never the answer.)

This isn't for everyone. Surrendering, over and over, what is currently working, to open up space for the different, the new, the higher, is not the call of every heart.

But it is the call, and the absolute requirement, of those who are paving the path, leading the way and inviting people into a better future.

I’ve worked diligently in many ways to build habits, routines, structures and systems that work. Many times over in my life, for myself and for others, I have said, “This is the new thing we’re doing. Let’s do it.”

That’s the job of a leader. A leader says, “Let’s go… there.”

But with this M.O., with this deep commitment to exploration of the unknown for the benefit of humanity, and to never staying in one place for too long, at the core of the pioneer's heart, there comes right along with it a requirement to give up. To let go. To sacrifice the old.

Most often not knowing what will take its place, but willing to go in search and report back, for the others.

If that's you, may these be your words:
I'll go first. 
I’ll let go first. 
I’ll surrender first.
I’ll give up first. 
I’ll take the risk…first.

Real Estate, Feelings & the Road to Enlightenment?

Last week I delivered training on being a Conscious Entrepreneur. The premise is simple: Stay awake & aware. Don’t just skid through your life. Use your business as your vehicle to greater self-awareness.

I am confident every entrepreneur took the leap into the unknown for more than external metrics of success.

From my perspective, we decided to do it based on feelings. Feelings of expectation. Excitement. Fulfillment. Passion. Vibrant, radiant energy. Anticipation. Contribution.

Typically, the leap looks more like an all-out free-fall, trusting you’ll learn to fly in the process. Entrepreneurs, and those who stake their success on themselves, have one thing in common: they know they can do it!

“I’ve Got This” is the mantra for many who choose to work for themselves and create businesses. They push for their full potential. They share their truth, their creation and their mission with the world.

Slightly over 4 years ago, I chose real estate sales as my outlet for entrepreneurship.

What I was really deciding was to hold feelings of growth, anticipation, contribution and fulfillment. See, the more you share yourself with the world through a specific service and skill set, the simpler the journey toward enlightenment is.

You begin to use your business as your way of getting to know and grow yourself!

It’s never been about the houses. It has always been about the opportunity. The opportunity to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. The opportunity to grow. The opportunity to be me and give value from that place.

And as I’ve interacted with over 200 clients, I have discovered it’s not about house for them, either. Something deeper drives their decision making. Drives all of our decision making…. Once again, it’s the opportunity to feel a certain way.

At peace. Safe. Proud. Worthy. Loved. Hopeful. Appreciated. Engaged — not missing out. A new beginning.

Whatever or whoever you interact with today in your life and business, take a deep breath and choose to be aware of the feelings. Just for a moment. Take note of the emotions inside of you, emanating from them or simply in the room.

How could you be the conduit to better feelings?

That, my friends, is massive value.

6 Principles of Conscious Entrepreneurship

This Friday I will be sharing with entrepreneurs in the Oklahoma City area about being a Conscious Entrepreneur.

How is this different than being a "regular" entrepreneur? It might not be at all -- except choosing the conscious route allows our desires for fulfilling our full potential to drive us, and in the process, we become aware and aligned in a way that was previous foreign. This opens the gate to an overwhelming amount of opportunity and freedom!

There are 6 principles we'll be diving into over the course of 2 hours -- with plenty of room to discuss, ask questions and internalize. These 6 Principles came from Laura Cannon who wrote a book called "The Conscious Entrepreneur: A Guide to Maximizing Your Potential for Success, Freedom, and Happiness."

#1 - Oneness: All things are connected

#2 - Presence: Space to rest in awareness

#3 - Inner Compass: Taking cues from your head or your heart

#4 - Impermanence: Nothing stays the same

#5 - Boldness: Without it, your song remains unsung

#6 - Service: Self-transcendence & charting the path for others

Ready to make a difference? To be a champion for change? It starts with YOU. See you Friday!

Merging the Worlds

Leadership. Influence. Power. Change. Production. Value. Challenges. Hurdles. There is an entire subset of people who thrive on The Climb, Making It Happen and who experience great feelings of significance through the Success they have created.

At the same time, there is a stronger and stronger movement toward Meditation, Allowing, Power over Force, Self-Love, Gratitude & Appreciation and an overall sense of Significance through Being over Doing.

Shortly after I first met Ashton, I began the process of getting my real estate license, quitting my 8-6 corporate job and becoming a business owner. I quickly fell in line with my value of hard work, progress, success and doing whatever it takes. I didn't realize how much more I would walk into...

For over the past 4 years, the journey of entrepreneurship has led us to much more than we ever knew we would walk into. And we know it's just getting started.

See, the world is parched for Truth, Light and Love. So many know there is just something more available they are missing. They are living in Have To's and Should Have's instead of Choose To and Doing.

We have lived for generations now, led by Force -- force of development, business growth, production numbers, my-way-or-the-highway and conform or die mindsets.

Now is the time to merge the worlds. 

Now is the time for the Conscious Leaders to rise up embrace their responsibility and lead from a place of Awareness.

Our world will be led through Power -- power of being, power of intention, power of pure heartedness, power of alignment -- the Power of Love.