Embrace the MESS

Last night I did a livestream where I both talked and was a living example of what it means to embrace the mess/chaos of creation.

Look, if you’re going to paint, expect to get some color in some places you didn’t originally plan to get it.
If you’re going to write, expect to have some words come out that you don’t love.
If you’re going to start a business, expect to make some decisions that don’t work out.

Call it failure, if you want.
Call it a mess, if you like.

Or just embrace the fact that it is apart of the process! There is no “one” way — there is no neat, clean and tidy from the get. You wouldn’t even want it that way. What you are enjoying the most is the creative process, not just the creative outcome.

Because for the creative-type, the happiness is in the creation itself. It’s in the freedom to create. It’s in the freedom to make a mess. It’s in the freedom to take the mess and choose it, like you meant to do it. Because you did.

You meant to show up.
You meant to go for it.
You meant to be the world’s best try-er.

You meant to be messy.
You chose this.

Perfectionism is a myth. Whatever creative endeavors there are for you to undertake and to continue are ready for you right NOW. There’s nothing that you need to do to get started. Maybe it will feel messy. Or maybe you’ll drag it out so slooowwwwly that it won’t be messy. But if that’s the case, then there’s a pretty high chance that it also just won’t BE.

And your art wants to be lived out.

Will you let the paint splatter now?

Stop Making It Harder Than It is

Showing up is the work.

It’s really that simple.

Every time you go in hiding. Every time you resist a conversation. Every time you don’t commit because you’re afraid you’ll fail or fall...

You aren’t doing it.

This isn’t hard.

Showing up is the work. And it isn’t even hard!

Is what you may experience when you go through whatever it is, challenging? Sure. There’s an element of challenge. But THAT is the part that makes you better & the part you are always proud of yourself for doing!

All the story ahead of time about showing up that you think is so hard and challenging is NOT. And it’s not helping you grow.

So you’re literally over there wasting your time.

Until you show up.

Showing up is the work.

Then you do whatever there is to do, but it actually ends up being kind of fun, and you enjoy it, and you get better. You may even have some tears. But their tears of having given it your all...not tears of “if only...”

There’s a big difference.

The work is just to show up.

What is it time for you to show up to?

Starting In On Your New Idea

I talk a lot about “starting" because that’s the first step.

To get a new idea, a new venture, a new creation, a new possibility, into motion, there is a “start.”

Thinking about it isn’t starting.
Rolling it over and over in your mind isn’t starting.

In fact, many times your IDEA — so full of life and energy, as it came from a higher place than you, downloaded into your system, ready for action— sometimes that idea gets beaten down by your thinking brain!

It may sound something like this:

Alright, let’s get to work!

If I’m just able to _____.
And then if that happens, I can ____.
One thing I’ll need to look out for is _____.
Oh, but what if _____?
And ____ won’t like this.
I’ll need to _____ first.

On and on your thinking goes, turning over your new idea this way and that way. It thinks of possibility, but also thinks of hedging. It ponders the sheer brilliance of the idea, but also ponders all the ways it could go wrong.

And none of that is starting.

The start is a singular action.

Making the call.
Sending a message.
Scheduling something on the calendar.
Standing up.
Sitting down.
Googling it.

I love to think, so one of my first singular actions is: Writing down my thoughts until I can get clear on what the next action is.

All of this is starting.

You’ve heard the saying, “An object in motion tends to stay in motion.”

One singular action will simply invite you to another singular action.

There is no right or wrong, good or bad. There is just to stay with the actions … until.

Maybe until you’ve seen your idea all the way to completion!
Maybe until you’ve determined there is a “wait” period, and you will revisit another time.

Taking the action is when you begin.
Taking the action is what moves things into motion, keeps things in motion and “actually” brings your IDEA into reality!

We spend so much time thinking and worrying and stressing and fearing and trying to get all the details planned out and trying to say what’s going to happen ahead of time that we exhaust ourselves…


Give yourself a break! Don’t exhaust yourself up there in your head, doing nothing but thinking.

Invest your energy into doing. Invest your energy into showing up. Invest your energy into action.

Your Idea wants to shine.
It wants to be shared.
It wants to be actualized!

The muscle you must exercise to start the thing is the same muscle you’re going to need every step of the way.

So you may as well get to working out that muscle now.

The Idea isn’t going to create itself.

How Isn't a Feeling

Some days the words flow, and other days they don’t.

But does that mean there isn’t something to say? If the flow isn’t there, if the feelings aren’t matching — does that mean there’s nothing to create?

Must I feel creative to be creative?
Must “flow” be the only way to get things done?

On the surface, the answer is: Of course not.

I have shown up plenty of times in my life without feeling like it. I’ve reported into work, punched the time clock. I have shown up to lead meetings, teach classes, go to the dentist, walk the dog… all without feeling like it.

I know you have too.

So this isn’t a matter of whether we “can.” Of course we can.

My question is — HOW. And that is a choice.

HOW do we show up even when we don’t want to show up?
HOW do we create even when we don’t feel like creating?
HOW do we get things done even when it doesn’t feel like flow?

Most often it’s done with a sense of obligation… I have to. I have to show up. I have to lead. I have to do the thing. Even though I don’t feel like it. I have to.

But the reality is… that’s not true.

You don’t have to. You could opt out. You could call it quits. You could go do something else. Try a different path. You could make a different decision.

But if it’s THE THING you want to do… If you know it’s part of your path, part of your journey, part of the plan…And you don’t want to do it, even then?

Taking it on with the energy of “I have to” is kind of like approaching someone you love the same way. What kind of relationship is that?

So how else? If it’s not most powerful to show up with a sense of obligation to the work, AND we just flat out don’t feel like it, and there are no flow, no good-feeling-vibes to be found….

What do we do?

We choose a how that works. A how that’s powerful. A how that doesn’t rely on feelings. I mean, sure you can show up with a sense of obligation, but you can also choose any other context in the entire world.

It doesn’t have to feel like flow for us to choose to show up with all our love. It doesn’t have to feel easy for us to show up with all of ourselves. It doesn’t have to feel like anything.

Because the “how” isn’t a feeling.
The “how” is a choice.

Surprisingly, choices often change up our feeling state, too. (Try it: Choose to smile!)

But, it’s s a secondary benefit to still showing up for what it is that’s important. What it is that we love. What it is we’re committed to.

So, when the want-to isn’t there, and when the flowy feelings aren’t present, I choose to show up with all of me. Just with whatever bits and pieces that may come along with that. Not because I have to. But because I choose to.

Why Shutting Up Will Make You a Better Leader, Creative, Artist or Craftsperson

Shut Up & Work.

Harsh, right? I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t love you. I wish someone would have told me this earlier, so hear me: You can talk about it. Or you can be about it.

For all you types that like to talk (myself included), I will share a brief glimpse of hope: Being about it may very well include talking.

But there is a necessary predicate. A framework with which you must build first:

Your work will only take root from a place of being about it.

Most often, for those of us who like to talk, that first requires a real commitment to shutting up.

Shutting up our own rambling distractions.
Shutting up our wild hair tendencies toward drama.
Shutting up so we can hear ourselves.
Shutting up so we can stop being swayed by this one’s opinion or that one’s ideas.
Shutting up so we can finally do our own work.

Not the work you just so happen to “find yourself” in, but the work of your life. The work that there is for you to do here. The work of creating. The work of being. The work of embodying who you really are — the high, expansive, radiant, light-filled, gold-standard YOU that you are.

Everything else is simply saying “yes” to a lesser expressed you. And from what I know, you’re not about that life.

What Was I Thinking?

What was I thinking when I made a commitment to write a blog post every day?

I am writing a book.
I am putting together course work and programs.
I am creating videos and content for those who have asked to hear from me regularly.
I do my best to share inspiration and insight on social media channels every day.

And hell, the last few commitments I’ve made to myself around writing have NOT held together. Why would I even try again?

Why do we ever try again?
What are we ever thinking? Really?

We’re pushing for the moon, the stars. In my mind, I’m pushing for the expansion of the universe itself; maybe even a creation of a new one. I’m stretching myself from ease and comfort into realms of the unknown, and the way I do it is through action.

So what was I thinking?

I was thinking I could do it.
And that the only person who could stop me is me.
And that I wouldn’t be able to change my fundamental beliefs that may hold me back from doing it until I actually tried to do it.

Change doesn’t happen conceptually.

It happens in action.
It happens consciously.

So what was I thinking?

I was thinking it was time [NOW] to try.

What is it time for you to try?

Embracing Resistance


You know the feeling. It goes beyond thought, even. It can almost feel physical. Like a barrier between you and the thing.

What thing? The thing there is for you to do.

See: You only experience resistance around what there is to do.

I’ll say it again, so we’re clear: Resistance is an experience opposing what there is to do.

You would never experience resistance toward something that there wasn’t for you to do. That would be kind of funny…

Oh, I’m just here resisting… taking… the … dog? … on a walk? (but you don’t have a dog.)
Oh, I’m resisting…having a conversation with…. my boss?… about… the project? (but you don’t have a boss.)

No, you don’t resist things that aren’t REAL for you. Instead, when you experience resistance, it’s a clear sign there is something actually there for you to do.

So embrace it! Accept it. Love it. Listen to it! What is it trying to resist exactly?

Let it do the heavy lifting of pointing the way. Then just go do the thing and show resistance who’s boss.

Meghan Fife Live...

I’ve been writing and sharing my thoughts online since Xanga. I remember my site was titled, Meant2Be.

Unfortunately, those posts are long gone because Xanga did what it did over time, and I was 11 years old at the time. (Not exactly considering the idea of backing up my posts!)

But the name says enough to give you a glimpse into me…

Meant to Be.

Meant to be what? Well, if I remember correctly, and I do, it wasn’t “meant to be” anything, in particular. It was just, meant to be!

In existence.
Meant to be here.
Meant to be alive.
Meant to be breathing!

The theme holds true throughout my life (though when MySpace came around I quickly started “caring” what others thought — concerning myself with consumption over creation and focusing more on others profiles than my own musings.)

In 2010 I started a blog called Thoughts On the Real Life (which can still be found at thoughtsontherealife.wordpress.com, surprisingly.) My last post there was an announcement I had launched a new site: Start Well. Live Well.

Thoughts On the Real Life.
Start Well. Live Well.

I would say that no matter what or where I’ve shared, including on Facebook and Instagram as of late, I’ve always come from a place of sharing what I see as real and true from my own personal experience in living. There is an art to living, and I feel like I was always stuck in the ‘production’ of living. Always looking outward to something more beautiful, more possible, more limitless. And sharing what I saw.

Now, I’ve begun to venture out into the art itself. And it’s everything I thought it was and more. I wouldn’t say it is easy. By and far, it is the hardest venture I’ve taken on to date. But I am so grateful to be doing the work and putting together ways of sharing it with you.

I had some hesitancy naming this site Meghan Fife Live. At first it felt… vain. I mean, I’m no celebrity! I’m… “just me.” (The ‘production’ speaking.)

But see: That’s the whole point. I am ME! I can be no one else. (I have tried, and it does not work.) And being a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being, there is simply to accept that fact and to live from that place of reality.

Thus: Meghan Fife Live

Plus, in a practical sense, if we must, it does serve as a hub for me to share all the things I’m into and up to. (Because “fleeting” is the word I’d use to describe most other social outlets.)

So thanks for being here — whenever you read these words. And welcome to my work. 🧡

Onward for now.

The Blank Page

It’s relentless. This blank page.

I can read and listen to Steven Pressfield talk to me all day about Resistance and how it IS the evil force in the universe.

Forget Satan.
Forget demons.
Forget ghosts and goblins.
Forget in-laws and jealous ex’s.
Forget depression and anxiety.
Forget insecurity and codependency.

Just Resistance is enough to stop us from creating what we know there is to create. Doing what we know there is to do. Being who we know there is to be.

I can know Resistance exists and sometimes that in and of itself keeps me IN IT. Oh yeah — I’m not doing the thing because … Resistance.

Like, it’s some of excuse. Like it’s some kind of reason why I should have an out from creating.


We’re born creators. Well. I was born a creator.

And I think you were too.

But only you can answer that.

So we’re born creators.

And we end up being mere humans who act like we’re predisposed to a certain way of being and living. We set some easy goals here and there. We say we want this or that. But ACTUALLY creating it? Putting in the ACTUAL work? Showing up relentlessly?

That’s another story.

I thought this was supposed to be easy.

You thought wrong.

Don’t get me wrong: It gets to be easy in an upside down, inside out, kind of way.

[You discover it as you go.
[But you must go.]

Which means to get to the easy part, you must get to the creating part. And to get to the creating part, you must get past the Resistance part. And the first part may be acknowledging the Resistance.

And the second part is choosing to beat it.

I’ve made my choice. Have you?


Create, create, create.

This is the Voice inside my head. And my heart. Almost like a pulsating from every part of me.

My brain, eyes, lungs, heart, stomach, kidneys, intestines.

And it never ends. Almost like it’s apart of my breath cycles.

Create, create, create.

Maybe this is odd to you or perhaps you know exactly the feeling. And it is a feeling. Verbal communication is not required. The Knowing, The Being, The Energy that brought about spoken and written word in the first place is still in full force today. (You know we didn’t always use language like we do now, right?) This Energy prompts, prods, pushes and beckons all who will hear.

When truly received, there is a momentum along with it that prompts action as a natural by-product. And that action causes the Voice to become louder and clearer. Because now it is ready to share more of It’s secrets with you — Resourcefulness at its finest. Producing 10–50–100x what was given you.

Could it be that the Voice is really saying…

Receive, receive, receive?

Real Estate, Feelings & the Road to Enlightenment?

Last week I delivered training on being a Conscious Entrepreneur. The premise is simple: Stay awake & aware. Don’t just skid through your life. Use your business as your vehicle to greater self-awareness.

I am confident every entrepreneur took the leap into the unknown for more than external metrics of success.

From my perspective, we decided to do it based on feelings. Feelings of expectation. Excitement. Fulfillment. Passion. Vibrant, radiant energy. Anticipation. Contribution.

Typically, the leap looks more like an all-out free-fall, trusting you’ll learn to fly in the process. Entrepreneurs, and those who stake their success on themselves, have one thing in common: they know they can do it!

“I’ve Got This” is the mantra for many who choose to work for themselves and create businesses. They push for their full potential. They share their truth, their creation and their mission with the world.

Slightly over 4 years ago, I chose real estate sales as my outlet for entrepreneurship.

What I was really deciding was to hold feelings of growth, anticipation, contribution and fulfillment. See, the more you share yourself with the world through a specific service and skill set, the simpler the journey toward enlightenment is.

You begin to use your business as your way of getting to know and grow yourself!

It’s never been about the houses. It has always been about the opportunity. The opportunity to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. The opportunity to grow. The opportunity to be me and give value from that place.

And as I’ve interacted with over 200 clients, I have discovered it’s not about house for them, either. Something deeper drives their decision making. Drives all of our decision making…. Once again, it’s the opportunity to feel a certain way.

At peace. Safe. Proud. Worthy. Loved. Hopeful. Appreciated. Engaged — not missing out. A new beginning.

Whatever or whoever you interact with today in your life and business, take a deep breath and choose to be aware of the feelings. Just for a moment. Take note of the emotions inside of you, emanating from them or simply in the room.

How could you be the conduit to better feelings?

That, my friends, is massive value.

Bridge Building

Today Ashton and I are having a photo shoot done for our newest mission -- Transcend Wellness.

Don't get me wrong: the word mission definitely equals venture or business. It's what we do. It's who we are. There's no more "balancing" or "compartmentalizing." No "this" or "that." Just a mission and a vision to back it up.

I had someone explain to me the mission is Why you do what you do and then Vision is What shows up. What does the world look like when the mission is being accomplished? What do we look like? What difference has been made? Is being made?

Ashton and I are experience more and more clarity on what our Mission is on the daily...

It is holding space for a bridge to be built between what is and what could be...it's a space of authenticity, joy and community. We build that bridge through growth. As scary and uncomfortable as it may appear. We build the bridge as we walk on it -- something solid appears where before there was only air.

Only as we step.

Something solid appears where before there was only air.

So our businesses look messy sometimes. It's because they're real. We refuse to skid along the surface of things while other things are really going on. We choose depth and connection every day, in every way.  And in the mess, we live, have fun and create!