Bridge Building

Today Ashton and I are having a photo shoot done for our newest mission -- Transcend Wellness.

Don't get me wrong: the word mission definitely equals venture or business. It's what we do. It's who we are. There's no more "balancing" or "compartmentalizing." No "this" or "that." Just a mission and a vision to back it up.

I had someone explain to me the mission is Why you do what you do and then Vision is What shows up. What does the world look like when the mission is being accomplished? What do we look like? What difference has been made? Is being made?

Ashton and I are experience more and more clarity on what our Mission is on the daily...

It is holding space for a bridge to be built between what is and what could's a space of authenticity, joy and community. We build that bridge through growth. As scary and uncomfortable as it may appear. We build the bridge as we walk on it -- something solid appears where before there was only air.

Only as we step.

Something solid appears where before there was only air.

So our businesses look messy sometimes. It's because they're real. We refuse to skid along the surface of things while other things are really going on. We choose depth and connection every day, in every way.  And in the mess, we live, have fun and create!