A Simple Reminder

A Simple Reminder.

Stop. Check in with yourself.

Literally, check in with your body.

How are you breathing?
How’s your chest feeling? 
Your shoulders? 
Your neck and upper back? 
What about your upper arms?

Are you relaxed? At ease? Are you feeling melted into the space around you? Could you even feel any better right now?? 😜

Pay attention to your breathing.

Is it full? Deep? Complete? 
Or light, shallow and unsatisfactory?

Take your conscious awareness to your chest.

Is your heart racing even though you haven’t done any cardio?
Is there a low-grade anxiety in there with you? 
Maybe a feeling of incompleteness? 
A feeling of not-enoughness? 
Something missing, perhaps?

Or are you present? At peace? In the highest state of gratitude? (You can literally FEEL these things in your body.)

Focus on your thoughts for a moment.

Are they racing? Perhaps you're thinking... I've got to get to this! Got to be with that. Can’t forget... What will they think? or How am I going to be able to…

You get to choose where your attention, awareness and focus is.

It's a pretty good place to start with paying attention to your own body.

→ See, what happens is, certain things take care of themselves: Like breathing, for example.

Your brain and lungs work together to make sure you stay alive. You don't "have" to do a thing. (You never do.)

But there's something you could do that could make a really big difference.

You could actually *choose* HOW you breathe. 🤯

You aren’t stuck with the way you breathe. Your body is very nice to keep you alive with the communication signals and the organs and the cadence, and all of that.

But staying alive isn’t really the goal here.

[Regardless of your age, I think we can agree, if you’re reading this, you’ve got that down.]

For right now, let's keep it simple...

Are you willing to breathe on purpose? Will you take the time (since you're taking the time to read this) to actually give yourself a gift? You get to choose.

You first must become aware of how you are breathing now.

Just observe. Make a note.

Now that you’re paying attention… go deeper.

Try it out.

Breathe more deeply. Feel more deeply. It will take a few breaths. It may even take a few minutes.

It’s worth it, I promise.

Breathe in, to the very bottom of your chest. Through your nose. In fact, breathe with your belly. Breathe in with your nose and let your stomach push out. Get the air all the way down there.

Practice. Take 3 breaths this way at first.

Or maybe you can take 10 breaths this way.

Maybe you can go for 30 seconds or 10 minutes.

But start. Don't go look for a youtube video. Just do it now. [I believe in you.]

What you'll find is as you inhale the space outside of you, it becomes the space inside of you.

And as you exhale the space inside of you, it becomes one with the space outside of you.

Are you willing to choose to breathe? To choose to step outside of what is survival and into something much more abundant and satisfying?

You have access to it. 💗

We’re often looking for really complex solutions to what feel like really complex problems.

Maybe there really is no problem at all, you just needed to remember to breathe.