Unlock Your Desires

Did you know... 🤔

What you WANT isn’t what everyone else wants?
What you SEE isn't what everyone else sees?
What you WISH is unique to you?

I sat across the room from countless people when I was hiring for my real estate business and my favorite question to ask would be...

"Let's say we got together on this job. And 5 years from now we are celebrating what an incredible, amazing SUCCESS your LIFE has been over the last 5 years. Not just your work, but all the key areas of your life are running all cylinders! What would that look like?"

Sometimes that conversation would go on for 2 or 3 hours, depending on the person, and how open they. were to receive a little coaching from me as we went!

They would share with me what they saw for themselves. What they DESIRED to achieve. What that could translate into for themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

I will be debt free.
I will have boundless energy to spend with my grandkids and kids.
I'll be taking all my loved ones on a 10 day cruise.
I will be a leader, mentor, guide to others.
I will have improved my financial thermostat and never stress about money again.
I'll own several rental properties.
I will have started the not-for-profit foundation I've always dreamed of.
I will have freedom of time and be working because I want to work, not because I have to.

My favorite question then was: And what would that do for you?

When you are living that way...
↳ When you debt free.
↳ When you workout on a regular basis and have all the physical energy you desire.
↳ When you are traveling and creating memorable experiences.
↳ When you are seen as someone others look up to and trust.
↳ When you have broken through past financial ceilings.
↳ When you have the properties.
↳ When you've started the foundation.
↳When you have this spaciousness of time that you desire.

What would that do for you? What is it about those things that would make a difference for YOU and your experience of living?

And that’s when the gold would come out. ✨

I’d sit there and grant them as much space as I could give as they searched, scoured and tried to uncover exactly WHAT that would do for them.

‣ I'd be less stressed about money.
‣ I'd enjoy more time with the people I love.
‣ I'd know that I was living up to my full potential and sharing my experience with others, so they could benefit from it.
‣ I will have proven to myself that I am fully capable of building the wealth I desire to.
‣ I will be contributing to the world and fulfilling the long-held mission of my heart.

See: Your goals, your 5 year plans, your hopes, dreams, desires...they are so much more than you even know.

The things you crave, dream of and long for — they aren’t just there, taking up space in your ether.

They don’t exist to annoy you with their sometimes seeming lack of possibility.

They're not there to “keep you motivated" so you don't slack off and one day you might get the cookie.

No, you have the desires you have because underneath them are a WAY OF BEING that you are aching to experience.


Choosing to live a life in alignment with your desires is not selfish or prideful.

But it is the toughest work you could take on in this lifetime.

The hard work isn't saving the money or paying off the debts, my friends.

The hard work isn't getting in shape or tapping into all that energy.

The hard work isn't building the business or the non-profit or planning the travel adventures and how you're going to make it happen.

No, the hard work is unlocking the BEINGNESS before the physical manifestations actually show up.

The hard work is choosing to let go of all the illusions of identity and get real with the man or woman in the mirror. (You know it: Michael Jackson, style.)

The hard work is letting your desires lead you to your SELF, not to more actions or activities.

Trust me... the actions will come. You won't have to even try with that shit when you do the REAL WORK.

All the charades you’ve been playing, all the games you’ve been trying to earn points in, all the ways in which you’ve jumped through this hoop or that hoop to impress yourself or anyone else have been mere shadows of the REAL DEAL.

Hear me! You do not have to give up the game. You do not have to give up the goals. You get to keep whatever things you're up to right now, if you choose.

What will change is this: You will discover your “goals” are really trying to get you to do the internal work of discovering where they came from and what's actually going on in that place.

What place??

Your hot, fiery, burning SOUL!

It's FULL of desire. It's sparking, just trying to ignite you to embody the highest and most expressed version of you!

You can absolutely have everything you thought you needed to wait 5 years for, right NOW.

All you ever wanted was a way of BEING.

As wonderful as goals are, they often serve as distractions to really doing the work of BEING now. We think we need to wait until we have reached some milestone, some celebration point where we can finally say, "I am _____."

All this does is push your actual experience of life further out and further out. Wasting. Time. Your one, precious, limited resource (for these particular trips around the sun, anyway.)

I have news...Maybe you've heard it before. But will you hear it again, in a fresh way?

You will never arrive.

Today is your day.

You can have it all, here and now.

You can set your goals, your intentions, your plans.

But you can UNLOCK YOUR DESIRES right freaking now.

You can LIVE the answer to, “What would that do for you?”


You can watch your life unfold in perfect synchronicity and abundance.

It occurs the moment you choose to EMBODY your desires now instead of delaying them for some future date.

If you aren’t happy with something… If you wish something could change… it can change now.

There is a choice you get to make that will shift it all for you.

And that choice is ONLY made now. (You can make it now or you can make it later... but remember, "later" will be a NOW moment, as well.)