A Brief Introduction to Meghan in 219 words…

Meghan has continually trail-blazed her own life, never settling for the status quo.

She came out to her family and friends in her early 20s, at the risk of major rejection and was met with plenty of it. This had her leave behind original plans for sharing a Christian message across the world and go on to discover her real message.

She left the "security" of a "job" to work for herself in her mid 20s, even after getting her undergrad degree with the original thought she may want a corner office one day. This led her to a building a career in real estate sales, team-building & group and private training where she went from an income level of $35k/year to well over half a million in four short years.

Wherever she's gone, training, leading, speaking, sharing and being a space for people to create their own massive transformation and change has been the name of the game. And it's evident that she practices what she preaches -- always choosing to go first.

After 5 years in real estate, she kept following her heart and now invests all of her time in mentoring, leading and training others to create the life they desire through her programs, courses and teachings as well as her private and group coaching.